How To Hack Food Intolerances / Sensitivities



I've been on the bulletproof diet for a year and paleo the prior 6 years.  I hear Dave talk about overcoming his food sensitivities but I can't find any information on how he did it.  This past year I've developed an overwhelming number of food intolerances.  I only have 15 safe foods.  I've developed intolerances to oxalates, salicylates and histamine.  Anyone else battled food sensitivities and won?  How did you fix this?  


I have been working with an N.D. to improve my gut the past 2 years from SIBO.  I am seeing gradual improvement in my test results, but no improvement in my food sensitivities.  


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You!




  • Any progress with this?
  • dont eat them lol

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  • it is doable. I wrote about my experience with food sensitivities and the pulse test at length in my blog here


    TL;DR - I had leaky gut, which caused food sensitivities. Took L-Glutamine and Athletic Greens, bone broth and collagen daily for a month or two, stayed away from high sensitivity foods (per my blood panel) for 6 months and now I'm all good. I can eat everything again in moderation with 0 symptoms.


    Ben Greenfield said on his podcast a good way to fix food sensitivities to introduce really small amounts of the food after you have stayed away from it for awhile.

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