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So I've gotten together, from various sources, the "top 10" recommended supplements.  For most items, there doesn't seem to be an issue.  First off, the second time (I think) that I tried taking the selenium cap I got sick right away - as in I put it in my mouth, couldn't even swallow it, and immediately got sick (pretty sure it was the odour that got to me).


I managed to take it a couple times a few days later (plug nose, chug with water), but was definitely feeling nauseous later.  At the time I wasn't sure if the nausea was due to the selenium or if I was taking too much MCT oil (though I was ramping up slowly with my BPC).


Slacked on supplements for a little while over christmas, took my morning dosages again today and about an 60-90 minutes (didn't look at the time) afterwards, I was feeling nauseous and got sick again.  I've taken all the other supplements without selenium and had no issues so I"m pretty sure its that one that is affecting me.


The selenium I was taking was 200mcg SISU Selenium Plus which is Selenomethionine.  Does anybody know if I try finding it in the other recommended form (Se Methyl Selenocysteine) if I might react better to it?  Is there anything I can do to alleviate this reaction â€¦ or if I should just eliminate it completely.


If I cannot take selenium, should I be skipping the iodine as well (I have potassium iodide capsules)




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    You say you're "pretty sure it was the odor that got you."


    My Life Extension brand Super Selenium has no odor. I haven't heard of your brand, but my first thought was that it was a bad batch if it's smelly. Check their Amazon reviews to see if a foul odor is normal, and if not, get a refund. 


    I have a hard time believing you're allergic to selenium, since (1) we need it and (2) it's already in a lot of foods you eat, just in much lower doses. 


    But I'm not a doctor, and if you isolate this as the one thing that makes you sick, you obviously shouldn't take it. But I'd look at other forms and also other brands, perhaps your brand uses a filler ingredient which turns out to be the real culprit. 

  • Actually when I first had them I looked it up, having Selenium tablets that smell is apparently normal.   I understand it making me sick from the smell when I try to take it initially, but I don't think that explains getting sick a couple of hours later.  Its a good brand so there's really nothing filler that could cause it.  I may try a different brand though.


    "It is quite normal for selenium tablets to have a strong smell.

    This is because they are in the organic form of selenium, which is selenomethionine. This contains methionine which is a natural amino acid high in the mineral sulphur. Methionine is found in smelly foods such as eggs, garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables. Methionine is needed by the liver to detoxify the body and so is selenium.

    So do not be alarmed if your selenium tablets smell – they are meant to!

    Selenium is a great mineral as it repairs damage to the deepest part of our cells, namely the DNA.

    Here is a quote from one of our naturopaths . . .

    “Selenomethionine smells very bad. The methionine component smells bad. So the tablets need to be coated, and our tablets are coated.  The odour builds up in the bottle when the lid is closed, to give you a big whiff of it when opened.”

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    LEF does a Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine (200 mcg selenium)

    fake it till you make it

  • Get it in a capsule. I've never had any problems in capsule form.

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    My Life Extension brand Super Selenium has no odor.

    I take the same supplement and mine does have a slight smell. In fact, in the past, when I used to take some cheaper brand of selenium in chalky tablet form, it smelled just like this. Pretty sure it's just Selenium's natural smell. It's not super pleasant but it isn't especially repugnant either. I dunno.


    OP, if it's making you nauseous, I certainly wouldn't take it. Get with your doctor or get your levels checked. Maybe you're getting ample Selenium from food sources and the supplement is pushing you into overdose territory?

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    Information on selenium:


    Proper selenium intake is very important for overall health. Selenium is important for glutathione peroxidase production, proper production of thyroid hormones, iodine absorption, many different selenoproteins production, and proper testosterone function.


    Selenosis is a common hypermineralosis condition where the body contains excessive amounts of selenium. Selenosis has been reported from both the supplementation of selenium and dietary sources. Selenosis can stem from ingesting fruits and vegetables grown in soil high in selenium, ingesting water that is high in selenium mineral content, and overeating selenium rich foods including Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are very high in selenium, and even one ounce of Brazil nuts can contain 544 mcg of selenium that is well over your upper tolerable daily limit. Selenium toxicity has also been reported in thirteen individuals after taking supplements that contained large amounts of selenium during a manufacturing error. Because of the real risk of selenosis, selenium should not be supplemented over 400 mcg daily, unless monitored by a doctor.


    Symptoms of mild / moderate selenosis include nail brittleness, hair loss, gastrointestinal disturbances, skin rashes, garlic breath odor, fatigue, irritability, and nervous system issues.


    Severe selenosis symptoms include liver failure, pulmonary edema, and coma.


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  • I take a 100mcg high-selenium yeast and have no reaction and it works great. Make sure you take your selenium with food, I feel a little funny if I don't take it with food too. I take SelenoPrecise, which has the important methylated selenium compounds that you can also get from garlic and broccoli. 

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