Ketone Observation

Finished my first week of Rapid Weight Loss. Tweaked a few things but nothing worth keystrokes.

Started on Tuesday- after a Monday Last Hurrah bread binge.

Took 3 days to get to "moderate" ketones. By Saturday I was in "large" ketones- second from the darkest.

Put the feedbag on Sunday. Grazed all day on Sweet Potatoes, a pan of jasmine rice with diced veggies, eggs, grass fed beef and a bunch of nuts.

Thought it would take a few days to get the ketones turned back on.

Wasn't gonna check but got curious around noon. Lo and behold- already in "large" ketones. Wow- that was a shock.

Another quick observation- after my initial feed of protein and carbs- my heart rate went up. It felt like an allergic type reaction. Interesting but uncomfortable- could have been a reaction by my thyroid- that's where I mainly experienced it. Lasted about a half hour.

I love to cook. But only turning the stove on to heat water for 5 days was great.

Tomorrow I'll report my net loss for the week if anyone is interested.

Finally- my best friend is amazed at how in control she is eating Paleo. First day all the cravings for carbs and sugars magically disappeared. I'm really grateful she agreed to eat from the Infographic. It's hard to watch people kill themselves with their forks. She feels in control of her food choices for the first time since I've met her eight years ago.

If this works for a middle aged broad like me- I'll be turning cartwheels.

Thanks for all your interesting posts!


  • Patricia -

    Please keep us informed on your progress as I was wondering how the RFL would work in practice. A few questions:

    How was your hunger during the week?

    Did you feel weak at all?

    Are you exercising?

    Finally, what was your net loss?

    As far as the Ketostix go, I never get consistent results with them. After all, the sticks show only what is excreted (unused) from the body. From my experience, you may have no ketones on the stick if you are really active. Don't worry or stress about this. Anyway, looking forward to hearing how this goes.

    Thanks for the input and wishing you luck. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

  • Thanks for the feedback, EJM.

    Net loss of 6 lbs. This week will be the acid test. Breaking my scale addiction might be tough too.

    Hunger? Only occaisionally in the afternoon. An MCT beverage or some butter would fix that or I'd use some homeopathic type app suppressant drops if I was worried that I'd get hungry. Only my eyes and ears were hungry- seeing food ads or talking good food with a friend was interesting. Had the same heightened sense of smell that you get from regular fasting- grilling steak was a heavenly aroma.

    Weakness?-Felt a bit dizzy once- but not weak.

    Exercise? Most days I went for a wog- walk/jog. Kept it to 20 minutes- walking, jogging, foot work drills. Energy level was fine.

    I saved my weight training day for after refeeding. Meant to do it on the carb day but life got in the way. Went the next day. Was surprised that I wasn't as fueled up as I anticipated. The sweet potatoes and rice didn't put much sugar in my muscle surprisingly.
  • Patricia -

    Sounds like you've got it figured out so far. Great job!

    I'm on day 2 (started Sun night) and feel pretty good. I'm with you on the cues being the biggest problem for hunger.

    My version of the RFL is a little different. I'm a powerlifter scared to death of losing strength, so I have BCAA's/creatine pre-workout and whey/glutamine one hour post-workout with another serving of BPC. As of this morning's workout, I was in small ketosis at 7am and I'll be interested to see if the whey kicks me out of range tonight. If so, I'll adjust down to just BCAA's (spendy though). Hopefully, this will spare muscle.

    Only looking to do this for 2-4 weeks. Do you have a goal, or a set time span? Having used cyclical ketogenic diets before, I can only advise to not "overdiet the diet." In other words, when you refeed, don't think of controlling the carbs and cals too much.


    PS - I won't mention food next time image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
  • Awesome guys! I'm going to be starting this tomorrow, looking to go from 88kg to 80kg but maintain muscle mass.

    Will be really interested to see how you are both going!

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  • Good luck, Leon!

    Eric- I gave up powerlifting 6 months ago. image/icon_razz.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-P' /> Actually, tennis is my drug of choice.

    My goal is to be a size 7/8 again. I've had some health challenges beginning with mercury poisoning that helped me along the road to a in a size 14. It'll be very interesting to see if I can get past the next 9 lbs. That's been a major sticking point. I've detoxed all the mercury now- so we'll see.

    Controlling the carbs and calories? Surely you jest, Eric! My flight instructor had to pry the fork out of my hand this weekend to get me into the plane. I woke up at 4 am and put my sweet potatoe fries in the oven and never looked back. I only quit about 8 pm because I couldn't eat another bite. I'm now being considered for President of the Clean Plate Club.

    Still feeling good Day 3?

    Aloha for now,

  • @ Leon - Welcome aboard the Ketone Express!

    @ Patricia - Great to hear you are free of the Hg. That must have been a below average experience to say the least. Well, good to have you here.

    So, is the next nine lbs the sticking point, or after the next nine? My solution for everything is heavy, high rep squats and deadlifts, but I'll try to be more creative if you need my help. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    Day 3? Um...well, my light, feeder workout to pump blood had me gassed! Wasn't nauseous, but had no energy or lift - no mojo. But why? I slept from 11-230ish and that was obviously a factor. Didn't really feel tired or carb depleted (fluish) until about 3 sets in. Previous experience has taught me that this is really the end of the depletion stage (and why I recommend exercise to expedite the process) and I expect to feel better tonight or tomorrow. A lot of how well I do hinges on the sleep thing. I have had sleep issues most of my life, so I'm hardly the perfect test subject for my experiment, but I'm hoping the sleep gets better with the protocol.

    For today, I am upping the fat a bit and taking extra magnesium. Would like to get some sun, but I live in Portland. HaHa! Any sleep hacks you recommend? Keep me updated.

    Good luck with flight school!
  • Oh, yeah. Did you guys do a clean sweep of the house before you started? Or just trigger foods? Or nothing? Let me know.

  • Hey Eric. Yes, the difference working out in ketosis is shocking. The first time I noticed it I was testing out a carb blocker product to see if it would enable me to eat some starch and keep the ketosis going. The weight I could do 10 reps I could only do 2 reps in ketosis. No sugar fueling the muscles.

    I'll workout on my refeed day this week to see how that changes from the day after last week.

    Back in "large" ketones three days after refeed.

    I'm sleeping pretty well- but I take a supplement that creates alot of serotonin in the gut so good sleep is one of the benefits. Colorful, vivid dreams too.

    About the sticking points.... these next 7 lbs are difficult but I've done it with HCG. Below that has been Mission Impossible. But I'm now saving my cardio for when I get there. Dr. Simeon noticed that if you'd been at a certain weight for 10 years or more that the body resisted moving lower. That of course happened to me for 2 weeks on HCG. I've done it all- food partitioning and eating on a schedule, Raw Food exclusively, tons of exercise, HCG- name it, I've done it.The best part of food partitioning was the way it bulletproofed my metabolism. I could eat a pint HaagenDas at midnight and not gain and ounce.

    Another woman who was my age and my size both did a similar regimen. I did mine stricter with the food partitioning and 4 weeks longer. She was a size 4 at the end, I was a 10/12. That's when I knew something was wrong.

    Clean Sweep? The only contraband I keep in the house is some organic flour. I've bulletproof to start with for a long time. On the other hand, while at Lowes early evening I actually bought some weird junk food- Combos. Wasn't going to eat it- just chew it and spit it out. Wanted some crunch. Still have it- the urge passed. It's actually emotionally satisfying to know it's available if get desperate.

    Another good difference between this high fat fast and the usual juice or water fast is I don't feel emotionally vulnerable. Even a three day fast would put me in a hyper sensitive mode. Great if you're a monk or swami communing with the universe perhaps- but not so good if you have clients to deal with.

    May I make a magnesium suggestion? It's difficult if not impossible to get enough magnesium orally. The dose the body needs will give you the runs. Magnesium oil is a topical application that works great. It's in an ionic form. Only 1% goes into the blood stream.

    If you live in a colder place than me- you can make your own. Snow Melt- magnesium chloride- aka mag flake which you may have in the garage to salt icy steps is the ticket. Boil a cup with a cup of distilled water- voila- magnesium oil. It's not actually an oil- but a very dense liquid. You gotta be careful on sensitive skin areas. It's a miracle substance. I used it on a guy that had broken his leg in 13 places. Since he'd been on chemo and radiation (idiot) his bones were very brittle. Leg hadn't healed after a year even with all the pins- orthopedists all threw up their hands. The incision would actually open and bleed if he tried to mow the lawn even. Less than a month on mag oil and he was dancing a jig.

    Hope we get an update from Leon soon.

    Rock on!


  • Hey, Patricia. Combos, eh? are stronger than I image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> The only thing I ever come home from Lowes with are more projects.

    Yes lifting in ketosis is a bitch, but it's like a moth to the flame for me - just gotta push it. I overreached a bit and didn't dial back the intensity enough. Next week's cycle will have lessons learned. I do think it's best to approach this as a weekly experiment, revising and refining, but then again, I'm a tinkerer.

    I know of which you speak as far as plateaus. Two of the women I've advised got stuck after great success. Tried refeeds and all and this only led to binging. I think I've lost a girlfriend or 10 over the issue of carb restriction image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> Anyway, I've got some ideas.

    Personally, I get stuck at 165 and 14% bf, then muscle starts to look stringy. Rereading Atkins and Duchaine's BodyOpus gave me some clues and hypotheses. This got me looking around the web and led me here eventually. The BPC spoke to me and I got motivated and quit making excuses. Seeing a 2-pack "in the right lighting" just doesn't appeal to me. Being the "thick, stocky" powerlifter friend has run it's course. Vanity? Perhaps, but still a worthy effort and goal. Not ever gonna look like those weak, undernourished Men's Health guys anyway.

    Thanks for the Mg tip - hadn't read up on the topical stuff. I'll look around. For the last 6 months I have used Trazodone (also very colorful, vivid dreams) which has done wonders for the depression and initially worked great for the sleep, but that has faded somewhat. I'm researching "The Serotonin Hypothesis" currently and finding a lot of dissonance in the mental health community. To be honest, I kicked my last psychiatrist to the curb for his "shock and awe" approach to treating bipolar disorder (the other BPD image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':P' />). Less is definitely more in my book.

    Day 4
    • 5.5 hours sleep.
    • Woke up groggy and sore - tested small ketosis
    • Weight = 176 (-3 from Sunday)
    • Mirror = looking stringy, no glycogen (1/2 mental, I'm sure)
    • Very light "feeder" workout (loaded up on BCAA's, C and creatine)
    • 45 minutes walking
    • Felt much better post workout

    I cant wait to see what the results are from your workout. Let me know the details.

  • Oh ya- I still have those Combos stashed somewhere....

    If you gotta buy mag oil- I found Joan Schrader to be a nice woman. You can just put her name and dot com in and order some. It's cheap enough.

    The stuff I'm using has been a game changer for sleep and attitude. If my thyroid gets too low my mood matches it. I was one of the lucky third- day one on this new stuff I slept for 7.5 hours straight! That was a miracle for me. I'm usually up for 1.5- 2 hours around 3 am and just getting back into good REM sleep when it's time to get my butt up. It's a funny coincidence- I've called the mood this gives me "bulletproof". It's like nothing is going to upset me today. All is well with the world. You know that's brain chemistry magic in the era we're living. Clean energy all day. Let's me work til midnight if I have to.

    Around Day Four I sat down and couldn't find my piriformis pain. 2.5 years- vanished. I went out and hit singles for two hours just to see if it was really gone. Amazing.

    A few days after that I opened my eyes and heard someone say "I feel like going for a run." I looked around to see who said it. Had to be me. So I laced my shoes and went for a run. The crazy part is that I don't even believe in running!

    I love this stuff. My thyroid's been a little low with the fasting. Even with the MCT's and coconut oil- it's been off a bit. Just lack of carbs and protein is my SWAG.

    I'll keep you posted on the Sunday Refeed and Workout Saga.

    Take care,

  • Thanks. It's so good to hear health success stories!

  • Patricia, check out a book called Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival if you haven't already. I think you would love it.
  • Goddammit, somehow just lost my post i was almost finished on! So i will keep it brief in case i lose this one too!

    Anyway have started the protocol today, some dot points on goals etc:
    • Starting weight 87kg/191lb
    • From visual inspection my bf is ~15-17%, goal is to get it down to ~10%
    • Based on the fact that i've just got back from a debaucherous week in Fiji (think beers and bad diet) i reckon i'll dump water down to 84kg/185b in a couple days.
    • Based on the last point my target is to get to 78kg/172lb with no muscle wastage. Am taking some body measurements as a test (want to make sure i'm not losing all of my cms/in from my guns instead of my belly image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> )
    • Not going to do much exercise until i finish the cutting phase, will swing the kettlebells a bit in the mornings of my refeed day
    • Going to do my first refeed on sunday so that i can ease into it and set up a bit of a routine... its only midday on the first day but i'm already excited about going to the butcher tomorrow for some goodies!! (

    As far as the sweep of the cupboards, my main weakness is alcohol after a stressful day. Haven't got any beers in the house so the worst culprit is eliminated, the only thing i'm really worried about is being in the flight lounge on the way home (free booze is even more appealing after a long day) or social settings (Australia has a pretty strong social drinking culture!!)

    Eric - how are you managing with the creatine on an "empty" stomach? its always caused a bit of nausea for me, any tricks?

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  • Right on, Leon! Alcohol will definitely be a bummer on this- may I recommend switching to heroin? image/icon_razz.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-P' />

    Thinking about and planning the refeed day is almost as good as the actual day.

    Keep us posted!

    All the best,

  • Leon -
    • I take the creatine with 2 tsp of baking soda when I do it on an empty stomach preworkout. Also, a tbsp of coconut oil. Seems to be enough.
    • Like the kettlebells idea. The transition into ketosis and fat burning metabolism goes much quicker this way.
    • As far as the cravings go, i would hit the BPC and coconut oil quite early and often.

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