Self Sustaining Farming Practices

Can anybody point to some resources out there to help launch a self sustaining gardening and vegetable practice?  Outdoors crops all the way to indoor rotations and spices?


I'd like to learn about this and was curious as to any resources regarding becoming personally viable on that front year round.-- I get the high level of it all but was curious as to materials, timing, cycles, indoor lighting and rotation, best practices etc.


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    Google the following:







    Chicken Tractor

    Companion planting

    Self-seeding garden

    Forest gardening


    There are forums that dwarf the size of the Bulletproof Forums dedicated to things as specific as a single species of tomato. You will be reading for a while. I'd start with YouTube and the top 3 suggestions if you want to get started quick fast and in a hurry. Aquaponics would be your best ROI in a single year if nothing goes wrong.

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    i have yet to really tackle putting together some kind of substantial indoor setup. i've been tempted to look into this "wampini" thing i've seen all over facebook, basically a half underground passive solar greenhouse. i did find an ebook on it a while ago but just skimmed parts. and aquaponics has definitely grabbed my interest before, but like sparefilms is saying, theres a mountain of information out there and it's hard to tell where to start, so you end up not doing anything. That's how i always was with gardening until someone i know told me about the Back to Eden thing and that made it really accessible to me. the method is basically a super easy hack that kind of renders a lot gardening complications irrelevant. no extra fertilizing and minimal to NO watering (even in hot dry climates), he doesn't worry about acidity/alkalinity or crop rotating, and the garden just gets better and better each year. if you're good at resourcing or just know the right people you can pretty much do it for free, it just requires a bunch of compost, mulch, and newspaper. the dude talks about god a lot, i just kind of filter that out personally. but i've had a lot of success with this method and don't know anything about gardening. 


  • Self Sustainability for the 21st Century is a pretty good book for beginners. It touches on pretty much everything and is 100% practical, including things that people living in apartments or with little lawn space can do, as well as what people living on large farms can do.

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  • I thought it was called a walipini, not a "wampini". That might help your search. I've thought about adding one to my property but not quite ready yet. Ignoring the "Back to Eden" religious stuff, the technique is something I've implemented in my garden and like very much. Good luck.

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