Best Sleep Tracker Device?

I've been experimenting with using the Sleep Cycle and SleepBot iPhone apps -- these are pretty cool.  I'm curious how these would compare to something like Beddit Smart, ResMed S+, Withing Aura, etc.  I heard someone mention that the Beddit might emit some EMF (like sleeping on a power cord), while it sounds like the ResMed aims radio waves at your body while sleeping.  I'm not sure if these are legitimate concerns.


I was also reading about the "LucidCatcher" and "Aurora" lucid dreaming devices, which seem pretty cool.


What's the best sleep tracker?  Ideally, I'd like something that can measure pulse / breathing / REM sleep.  I'm not sure if wearing some sort of wrist band would be annoying.


  • Just bought the Oura ring and have been using it for a few weeks now. You can switch it on to aeroplane mode so there is no Bluetooth signal. I like the fact that the company listens to these kind of requests.It's a bit bulky and takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you are not a ring person (and I'm not). Feels like something Ming the Merciless would wear. That said I like it and you could just wear it for sleep tracking if you wanted.

    Is it better than other sleep tracking devices? No idea. But it's made of Zirconium!

    This is what the company says:

    When you go to sleep, the ÅŒURA ring analyzes the quality of your rest and recovery by measuring your heart rate (optically), respiration rate, body temperature, and movement. While you are awake, it monitors the duration and intensity of your activities, and the time you spend inactive.

    PPG: While you sleep, Blood Pulse Volume is measured from the arteries on the palm side of the finger, with infrared LEDs. The little bumps in the ring band are for the infrared LED transmitter and receiver.

    Motion: A 3D accelerometer is used to monitor your activity during the day. During the night it is used to identify different stages of sleep.

    Temperature: A skin temperature sensor measures your average skin temperature during the night.

    The ÅŒURA ring uses these physiological data signals to calculate when you are in deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep and when you are awake. It uses this information together with your daytime activity data to assess the degree to which you have recovered from mental and physical challenges and your readiness to perform going forward.
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