Best Device For Sleep Tracking?

The technolgy is changing all the time. But am looking for one that won't entail being hooked up to bluetooth, emit emf's, etc...


  • I still think the Basis Peak is the most accurate with all the latest firmware updates, although it is getting VERY old as far as wearables go. You can turn off bluetooth at night, it measures heart rate, movement, and skin temp / perspiration – so theoretically Intel’s algorithms should be better than any movement only based monitors (Fitbit). I’ve had amazing luck with it, it would be cool to see a comparison.


    Even the old Basis was the only sleep tracker that could get anywhere close to detecting REM sleep. I can’t wait to try the OURA, but a bit pricey. 


    Intel bought them a couple years ago for around $100M, and the next Basis with an Intel chip is likely due out second half of this year with the new Curie chip they showed off during the Xgames. The most interesting aspect is they are releasing all the software algorithms for sleep as part of their APIs, called BodyIQ. I would suspect we see sleep / activity trackers from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. soon. 


    Ben Greenfield likes the new Oura Ring 


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  • The article covers pretty much all I wanted to know.

    look like if you want sleep tracking done good we should get a BASIC.


    But I'll check also the Oura ring, don't like the ring idea though, I am not used to wear rings. 

  • I've just bought the Oura ring. The company can send you a pack of sizing rings so you can get a feel for the size of it. I've never been a ring person but It makes me laugh every time I see it on my hand. I was out for a walk last night and whilst stroking a friendly cat I felt like some arch Bond villain.

    If you give a talk or presentation and your hands are moving about you can bet all eyes are on the ring!

    I'm happy to support the company just on the fact you can switch it on to aeroplane mode at night.
  • I would add that the Oura ring is not for everyone. I take it if off when lifting weights or gardening. I wouldn't want to accidentally break it (although it is solid) or have it catch on something. If you want to track a wide variety of exercise the basis might be better, more practical.
  • Anyone know anything about these guys? Could be like the next zeo
  • John BrissonJohn Brisson The Legend Formerly Known as Ron Swanson ✭✭✭

    Anyone know anything about these guys? Could be like the next zeo

    Looks ok, the Oura is something you could wear everyday granted the data is less. The SS on the other hand you would want to only use every so often because of the exposure to NNEMF using it.

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