Beginner With Questions: Keto Flu, Mct Oil, Supplements, Carb Refeed

Hi everyone, first post here after reading many many posts, and the Bulletproof Diet book but still I am a bit lost. Sorry for the long post :/


A bit of an introduction: I'm 31, 154 pounds for 5"6. I've been overweight for a while now, not exercising regularly even though I do cycle to school and walk around everyday. (around 3-4 km a day) I'm lactose intolerant and always had some gut problems - though not tested or checked with a doctor- I generally feel better eating gluten free. I've been a carb junkie for a while now, too much bread, cake, sugar...My goal is to feel better and healthier - really scared of cancer in particular-  and be more fit, lose weight too. I'm extremely motivated.


I've started the Bulletproof Diet 3 days ago. I've ordered the Bulletproof coffee but in the meantime I'm using my Organic coffee beans with 2 tbsp of organic grass fed butter and  1 tbp of coconut oil. I'm hesitating between buying MCT or the Brain Octane. My limited budget makes me hesitate. Also not sure I need collagen or not...


I live in Denmark and luckily grass fed products and organic veggies are not too expensive so I'm trying to handle it though I'm a student. I use my Fitness Pal to check what I'm eating.


My macros are:


Saturday: 58% fat, 32% protein, 10% carb ( but enough calories in total, around 1000 which is far below my maintenance intake...really hard to break the habit of not eating much)


Sunday: 77% fat, 18% protein, 5% carb (still trying to adjust how to compose my meals properly)


Monday: 70% fat, 19% protein, 10% carb ( I moved my calories intake to 1500, still not enough I think though)


Felt a bit hungry at the beginning but its getting better, and no cravings. Full of energy


Today I experienced dizziness, nausea, low low energy...the infamous keto flu....had to go to bed after my Bulletproof coffee then feel a bit better after lunch (I had some carbs from sweet potatoes) I've read about the keto flu and added salt in my water, I think it worked ok since I feel good enough to write that post :D I don't know how long it will last, but I was wondering if I will feel that way each time I do a carb refill or will I stay in ketosis?

I need to add some exercise as well but I'm not sure what and where to start yet, probably will have to sign up to the gym? 

Does anyone has any advices for me, or comments for me to make sure I'm going the right way?

Thank you so much :)




  • Welcome to our world, Stephanie.  I love living a BP lifestyle.  I cycle in and out of ketosis without going thru keto flu each time so, no, that won't happen every single time.  Once those white flour, sugar, icky carbs are out of your system, the veggie carbs won't cause keto flu.  No all carbs are the same, so the veggie carbs are actually good for you.


    Personally, I prefer using the Brain Octane Oil (BOO) bc it helps gets you and keeps you in ketosis.  I use it for cooking sometimes when I don't want a coconut oil flavor.  It works in smoothies, and on top of veggies.  You can use it in salad dressings.  Good stuff to keep around.


    As far as what macros are best, that depends on you.  Keep tracking, and note when you feel great, when not that great. . .stuff like that.  You'll find a pattern that works best for you.  MOST of the time I feel best on a lower carb, medium protein and high fat, but some days I can tell i need more or less of something (you learn quickly by listening to your body and tracking) and I adjust my diet to match. 


    Most BPers like doing HIIT for exercise.  That's High Intensity Interval Training.  Lost of vids online to get some ideas of what will fit your lifestyle and interests.  I do crossfit bc that works best for me.  My lifestyle is either very quiet OR doing heavy chores and rarely on a schedule, so I get a lot of daily movement just in living, so having a set time for my workout with my crossfit buddies keeps it on my radar and gives me a group of friends who are like-minded. 


    I saw your post in the FB group but thought I'd answer here.  There are many many GREAT coaches in these forums who can give you answers to very specific questions.  Also the search in the upper right will help you find topics that interest you.   Use quotation marks if your search is more than 2 words  . . .EX:  "Vitamin D" 


    Also know that sometimes it takes a it of time for your body to balance into the BP style of eating with deficiencies being corrected or while you are figuring out what your food intake should be.  I'm post menopausal so had some hormone issues to deal with that took some time.  Keep asking questions, reading the forums, listening to podcasts and you'll learn faster, and able to make corrections quicker.



  • Thank you so much for your reply!

    I'm gonna check the High Intensity Interval Training videos on YouTube.

    I also ordered the Brain Octane Oil today! Still waiting to get my coffee delivered, I can't wait to see if I feel any difference.

    I need also to check which supplement I should buy: I have premium organic quality Vitamin C and D3, premium Omega 3 and organic ginger tablets and organic coconut charcoal but no iron, magnesium, zinc, etc

    Really appreciate you took the time to answer me so precisely! I feel much better today, not dizzy, slept well :)

    Thank you again!

  • Check out Tabata for exercise.  It's a pretty killer workout.  No gym membership needed!!! 


    As far as supplements, I started with Dave's list and then adjusted as I needed.  The only way to truly know what you need is to get a micronutrient profile done and those are pricey.  Just remember that as your body heals and changes, it will need different things.  So this is an evolution, of sorts.  So keep listening to your body, and keep tracking how you feel/supps/food/workout and you will see patterns you can adjust into or away from. 


    Lastly, think always about gut health.  If what you are eating isn't gut friendly, don't eat it.  Stay as gut friendly as you can, and you will get ahead faster.   Study gut health!!!    My daughter has autoimmunity (she's your age) and was having symptoms that she didn't want to medicate over.  So. . .we did autoimmunity protocols for gut health together.  I do not have AI, but the gut health protocol propelled me forward so much faster.  A healthy gut means you food gets used instead of passed, your supplements get absorbed, your brain will work better bc you gut isn't fighting you.  So, stay on the greenside of the roadmap when you eat, and focus on keeping your gut healthy.


    Just an aside: after studying and working to help get my daughter out of her AI issues (she still has AI but she uses no meds and has no symptoms now) and following the AI stuff with her, I mentioned to my husband that following Bulletproof and following AI protocols seems to be the best "diet".  BP keeps you clean and functioning at a high level, and AI protocol ensures you keep your gut healthiest and your immune system balanced.   That's just my 2 cents and my experience. 


    If you ask your question in the main forum instead of the women's, you will get  lot more responses. 

  • Once again thank you so much for your answer <3 I've checked the Tabata workouts, looks like a killer but I'm going to do it! I did a bit of"intense" cycling climbing some hills and then flat again and it went well, so I'm reading for working out :) But it also means I'll have to eat a bit more carbs?


    I think you are absolutely right, I need to read more about it because gut health has been problem for me for a while now. My mother has two auto immune diseases and she's currently following a diet very close the BP diet from the Dr. Seignalet : and he mentions a lot gut health as a reason for most diseases.

    I am really not used to understand the signs and my body...I have a lot to learn!!


    I'm on day 5 now. Didn't checked my weight or anything. i'm not sure what to expect in terms of weight loss actually.

    Thank you again for answering my messages, I will eventually start posting in the main forum yes! Been reading a lot of very helpful things on it already :)

  • Well, darn. . . just wrote a long long details response and the computer ate it.   I'll write it again later.  I suggested you watch this I did not know my daughter would be diagnosed with AI when I saw this but I was so intrigued that I bought//read her book.  Fascinating.  


    Also, I do not add extra carbs on workout days, but I'm used to burning fat. I do eat a small bit of protein/fat a few hours later.   Do you need more carbs?  Only you know.  At this point in your BP diet, probably.  Try eating an avocado if you need food after a workout to see if that helps.  (Sorry, I'm kind of addicted to avocados.  They are my go to for just about everything.  I think they are the perfect food!!!!  LOL!)    If you listened to the current podcast with Mark Sisson, you heard him say that carbing with working out was not something we should be doing which was nice to hear bc that fit what I was doing and felt best for me.  We are not supposed to be working out everyday.  I do 2 hard workouts a week.    You'll find the right balance between food and workouts, and what works for you the next several weeks may not work later as your body adapts to being in ketosis.   Stay in the green zone as much as you can.

    Wishing you the best in your BP journey. 

  • Hello Linda,



    I am also new on this forum. I read through your post here and since you mentioned about menopause. I like to ask some questions.

    I am 54 yrs old and starting to be on menopause this year. Period had stopped for the past 3-4 months. I decided to do ketogenic about 2 months ago and than I started Bulletproof as the more books I read through. I have not lost any weigh so far but somehow i can feel some fats like love handle and belly fat had trimmed down.


    Do you think it is hormone issues that is preventing weigh lost?My stats, I am 174 cm and weigh about 55 kg.

  • Thanks ladies for sharing! I am starting my girlfriend off on BP (she used to compete in bikini shows but failed to "reverse" diet and now is struggling to lose weight and feel good). I have been on BP and LOVE IT - I may be hopping on here with some questions down the road!

    "And he said to them all, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it." 


    LUKE 9:23-24

  • Hello, everyone...  I'm new to this diet, and just found this website today.  I'm 61 years old, and STILL trying to lose the last 10 pounds of baby fat from my now 31 year old son.  Seriously.  I've been trying to lose 10 pounds for 30 years.  And now I've lost an inch (in height), so I need to lose even more to get down to and below 25 BMI. 


    I've tried every diet out there, and this one seems to bring together a lot of ideas from other low carb diets, but definitely has a different twist.  It's been a week now, and I haven't lost any weight.  I weigh daily and have fluctuated within a pound and a half range, but at the end of the week, was actually up slightly.  Honestly, I haven't been super adherent, and today I've done much better.  (A glass of wine here and there, my share of an order of hand-cut potato chips with bleu cheese, a Kind bar one day...)  My biggest problem is resisting food after 8 p.m.  I get so hungry/bored/tired-but-not-sleepy, and food calls me.  And I might as well face it - I'm addicted to nuts.  Almonds, especially.  Not the worst cheat, but not BP.  I am peeing purple, though, so I know I'm burning fat.  Just slow going.  I am not eating - except for a cup of buttered coffee in the a.m. - until 2 p.m. or later, but after that it's kind of non stop, probably because I'm so ravenous at 2 - or sometimes 3 - it's just hard to get satisfied. 


    Today, for the FIRST time, I actually didn't eat every bite of food on my plate at dinner, and I didn't nibble leftovers while I cleaned up.  I actually put 4 stalks of grilled asparagus in the fridge instead of eating them in the kitchen!  Not that that would have been horrible, but I just didn't WANT to!  THAT's a breakthrough for me.  I'm hopeful this diet will be successful and that I'll be 13 pounds thinner when I go to Seattle for the birth of my 3rd grandchild.  I leave in 13 weeks, so that's a pound a week.  9/13 - 12/13 = 13 weeks.  Auspicious numerologically!  Also, it's finally getting cool enough here in St. Augustine that I can get out and take long walks, ride my bike, etc.  And I bought a kettle bell, and am about to look for a tutorial on youtube.  Ideas anyone?  I also do Tai Chi regularly. 


    I do have one question that I haven't found an answer to elsewhere.  I take a sleep med every night, and it must be taken with food.  Obviously I have to break my fast, and I don't know what's the most bulletproof little snack to have, and just how much do I need?  I have taken it on an empty stomach, and the "indigestion" it caused kept me awake!  Big mistake...  I guess for now I'll stick with a small handful of almonds, although I know that's not the best idea, but what is? 


    Thanks to anyone who can help me out with that...


    Lily G

  • Actually, the reason I started that reply was to say - to the person with the autoimmune issue:  I recently started doing a "turmeric shooter" every morning after reading "The Brain Fog Fix" by Dr. Mike Dow.  It's a superfood for inflammation and supposedly inflammation is at the root of every disease.  Almost immediately I noticed that my eczema, which is an autoimmune condition, was GONE.  Completely.  For years, even when it wasn't flaring, I had a few spots that were always itchy/rashy, and if I washed dishes without gloves - forget about it!  It's gone - I don't even use gloves in the kitchen anymore.  The other thing is I had a little eye twitch that no one else could see, but which drove me insane!  Reading, writing, using the computer, could be so difficult!  It's also gone gone gone.  (My chiropractor claims responsibility for that, but who knows?) 


    The shooter:  Simply mix 1/2 tsp ground turmeric and 1/2 tsp ground black pepper (necessary for the turmeric to work properly, says Dr. Mike) in a shot glass with water, stir, toss it back, refill and toss again if you didn't get it all.  At first it's pretty awful, but it gets easier by the day.  Both my sons now do it, as does my husband.  One son adds ginger, cayenne and lemon juice to his and really enjoys it. 


    So, maybe give it a try!


    Lily G

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