Can Anyone Recommend A Coffee Pot?

I'm sick of the time consuming process involved with pour over. It is one way to ensure your coffee is not coming into contact with plastic or aluminum but it's sucking up too much of my life. I want a coffee pot to make my 3 cups all at once and keep warm.

Anybody got a stainless steel suggestion?


  • Not a coffe pot per say, but Yeti makes great stainless products that maintain temperature for hours. I have a 20 oz tumbler that goes everywhere with me and 32 oz Rambler bottle which is great for road trips or taking to the beach. You could use the pour over method directly into a Yeti, and put the lid on to keep it hot.
  • You can use a French Press which you put ground coffee and pour water in and seep the coffee. But I also have been using the classic Italian espresso coffee maker to make it.

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