Lowering Resting Heart Rate Without "chronic Cardio"

I'm very interested in lowering my resting heart rate, given the correlation of a lower resting heart rate to greater longevity. However, I've also read about the drawbacks of "chronic cardio". 


What's the optimal way to lower resting heart rate from a health perspective? It seems like it's probably HIIT but I wanted to confirm that before I dove in full-on. 


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    Be careful with fear based terms like "chronic cardio" and the typical sources they come from. You would do well to train both high intensity anaerobic heart rate zones, and low intensity aerobic heart rate zones to be more of a complete and capable human being with a low resting heart rate. This can be achieved by on some days doing high intensity work:rest intervals targeting peak to sub peak heart rate zones to expand your anaerobic base for 10-20 minutes. On a separate day or days doing lower intensity sustained work to expand your aerobic base (which actually helps the other) targeting moderate heart rate zones for 30-60 minutes. You could do (in days) 2+2, 3+1, 3+2, whatever your capacity and nutrition allow for.
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    Yes, he is also one that uses fear based language to explain and express his lack of knowledge in the area. Using something to purposefully create large caloric deficits and experiencing the negative effects of that is vastly different than using something to increase health and longevity in conjunction with proper nutrition. These people just need a bit of education is all.
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