Breastfeeding: Transferring Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

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Are there any specific foods and/or supplements a breastfeeding mother can consume which will transfer anti-inflammatory benefits to a child?


For example: Curcumin-supplements, ginger, krill-oil or other things that are anti-inflammatory for the mother.


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    I don't think we have enough specifics to safely or accurately recommend any supplements or foods for breast milk.

    Personally, I think it's what you don't consume that's more important, i.e removing inflammatory substances. Start with removing the easy toxins like common shampoo/bodywash/other toiletries, phthalates, perfumes, pesticides, tainted meat etc. Clean your water, clean your air, take care of your organs, take care of yourself in general. You know the drill.

    It's very important to note that STRESSING about these toxins, whether you can't remove them or whatever, might compromise the baby just as much. So do what you can, and relax.


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