Weight Loss Plateau. Please Advise.

Hi all. Hoping for some help please.

I'm male, 48 yrs, 5'11" 186lb.

I've lost about 30lbs in 9/10 months and took up Crossfit just before Christmas '15 so a good 6 months now. Strength and muscle gains have been good, but I'm really struggling to make an impact on say the last 7+lbs of fat removal.

It's the age old dilemma of trying to eat hflc, keep enough energy for my WOD, recovery and a full day on the road seeing customers and doing my job.

Currently a typical day looks like this:

TRAINING DAYS (Mon, We'd, Fri)

BPC upon waking inc 2 tbsp collagen powder and 30g GFB

2-3pm. Big leafy salad with tuna or chicken, olives, avocado, plenty of EVOO (1-2tbsp) some days ACVWM.

Train at 5/6pm in an affiliated box and then home to a plate covered in non starchy veg and protein. 30g of butter or EVOO. All very clean. No dessert. Early to bed. 9 hrs sleep regularly. Garmin watch is recently nagging me I'm getting too much sleep, but I feel I need it with Crossfit demands!


BPC upon waking as above.

Late lunch at 2-3 pm. Contents as above.

Dinner as above.

My weekends are not as strict as they could be and I enjoy alcohol in moderation. Usually no bread, pasta and such of the like for long periods and don't miss it. Can resist processed foods and sweets so again no real alarm bells there.

Possible issues as I see it:

Too much fat? HFLC feels good for me, but I admit to struggling in Crossfit some days. I'm determined to cut the fat off me and then introduce more carbs, but I realise I may need to rethink this?

Too few healthy carbs?

I want to avoid weighing food and counting calories if at all possible.

Maybe I need more aerobic activity? Currently a good blend of strength training and HIIT in the box I feel.

Maybe I need to stick with the above (it's carried me this far) and to be even more strict all day 7 dpw? Is my age working against me?

I'm close, but it feels unreachable at this rate.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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    Jason is spot on here. On that note, your final 7+lbs probably isn't fat but inflammation.

    Are you in need of a Bulletproof Diet coach??





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  • Thank you both for your replies, they are very much appreciated.

    Since my post I have been increasing my carbs on training days and have felt markedly better, stronger as a result. Though I've gained a coupe of pounds.

    You mention that it would be okay to do HFLC on rest days. I am pretty familiar with fasting, would it be acceptable to simply drink a BPC in the morning, straight black coffee for lunch and then a simple dinner of fish with green veg? That type of day usually creates a noticeable difference on the scales, but is it to sacrificial to my health?

    In terms of the final 7 pounds being inflammation, are you suggesting I can address that via a non-inflammatory diet? I would like to think that I am generally already pointed in that direction and follow a bullet-proof lifestyle for the best part. I am very open to ideas.

    By the way, I have decided to start cycling to cross fit as it is a 30 minute uphill ride and so offers a good opportunity to do some steady fat burning which will approach about two hours over the week. Now I have more carbs back on my diet my options are limitless! ;)

    Another by the way, I am going on my main holiday at the end of this month for 10 days, so I admit that I wanted to feel (and look) physically at my best, hence the push at this time.

    Your thoughts and input are much appreciated.

  • Yes, the fat levels have dropped and the carbs are up by using white rice. I expected a weight increase so in not panicked.

    Re my point on fasting more on non training days, does that sound acceptable? Ideally I'd be feeding after my training the night before?

  • Thanks Jason. I appreciate your guidance.
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