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My daughter was just diagnosed as having an in utero stroke - hemiplagia.   She is 22 months old, learned to walk on her own, and is mildly affected on her right side with spasticity.   I've read all of Dave's books but am wondering if there is anything I can help her with in terms of allowing her brain to "regenerate" -- I know the affects of a stroke are long term but we are trying anything (within reason) - she's doing PT/OT, has an AFO brace but I know there is something we can do to help her "interally" with her brain.   She's so young, and the brain at this age is so plastic so new pathways will be established.  


Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


And she does have a lovely TBS of Kerrygold at dinner.   LOVES it!  haha


  • Hello,


    My daughter was just diagnosed as having an in utero stroke at 22 months old.   Her right side is affected mostly her gross motor, walking.   She learned to walk on her own at 15 months.   I'm a big fan of Dave's brain hacking and was wondering if anyone out there can provide any information to help us "hack" her brain.   Basically, I know a child's brain is plastic and new pathways will be established but, as a parent, I want to help my child in any way possible.


    Thank you in advance.


    And she loves Kerrygold butter!!!

  • There are several educational modalities that have been shown to improve conditions like these.  Learning motor patterns where the limbs cross the center line of the body (right hand to left knee, left hand to right knee).  Getting her into a Suzuki violin studio when she gets older will probably give her a huge advantage too.

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    Great start with the butter. Are you currently giving your daughter any vitamin supplements? The B-vitamins and antioxidants are especially important here as they assist the nervous system. Vitamin C will assist with repairing damage (not overnight) and will strengthen veins and capillaries, which were more than likely deficient in C, in utero.


    For the B vitamins, get a high quality B-complex (will not use "folic acid") such as Pure Encapsulations brand. Break open a capsule and add about 1/5 of the contents into their food or drink daily.

    For C, 1 gram per day (in divided doses) per year of age is good. You can get this in liquid form for ease.


    CDP Choline (citicoline) appears to be good for stroke recovery from what I've read so far. Speak with a good naturopathic doctor to help determine amounts of this for such a wee little pumpkin first.

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