Supplements & Breastfeeding

I'm wondering about taking supplements while breastfeeding and how to categorize them. Which ones are:


- Recommended

- Safe

- Not Safe


We're talking mainly vitamins, minerals and Bulletproof products.


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    Vitamins a-ok, except for folic acid (fairly toxic form of folate). Unbalanced D/K2 or megadosing anything may pose a problem. Definitely get your K2, though. MK-4 and MK-7, for good measure. Very important for early-stage bone development.

    Minerals you probably have to be more careful about. Specifically ones with more toxic potential, like zinc, copper, selenium, iron etc. All of these could fall under "recommended" or "not safe" depending on dosage and mother's status. A very light dosage is recommended, especially if deficiency is suspect.

    Bulletproof products I would be a little careful. MCT oil is probably ok. Coffee and chocolate have been known to be contaminated with cadmium, and are stimulants, so I'd probably keep a lower dosage. I'd personally stay away from GABAWave (basically a drug) and anything resembling a nootropic. A lot of BP products have pregnancy/lactation warnings, so check those.

    I am in no way an expert on the matter, so do not take my advice too seriously. They're amateur educated guesses. Always err on the side of caution when babies are involved.

  • I am not taking BP supplements, just an array of prenatal multi, seaweed fish oil, and a calcium. I just wanted to comment because I took a cheap fenugreek supplement and ended up deathly ill for 3 days. I do not recommend any capsules of fenugreek as a result and do not consider them safe. Other women have had luck, I guess, though!

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    ...megadosing anything may pose a problem. 


    But DO megadose vitamin C. At least 10 grams/day in divided doses for Mom. For baby, 100 mg for every month of age until 10 months old, then it's 1 gram per year of age until they're 10 yo. 


    This is especially important if you're planning on vaccinating as this causes a great deal of stress and oxidative damage that rapidly consumes an infant's vitamin C supply.


    More on Mother/Baby (w vitamin C)

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