Is Anybody Else On The Andy Cutler Mercury Detoxification Protocol Right Now?

I start this thread to share experiences of people doing the Andy Cutler mercury detoxification protocol.


I also did two small test rounds with 3mg ALA (2.4 days, with no DMSA) and 6.25 mg ALA (7 days, with 12.5mg DMSA) ALA in October and then started chelating for real with 12.5mg ALA 7 weeks later, on 2015-12-11.


Today is day 9 of my third round of 12.5mg DMSA + 37.5mg ALA. The two previous rounds where 10 and 5 days. Before I had side effects of increased anxiety, walking around in circles, head ache for the first 2 days of a round, but this time there where no side effects at all, all the time I feel as good as I felt before I started chelating (if you can call that good at all). 


I am chelating almost continuously since 8 weeks now (I am on-round on average 70% of the time since 8 weeks), with an average round length of 7 days. This is much more then standard 3-day rounds.


I feel as well as before starting chelation now, with no side effects, but I don't see much improvement. Maybe a little thing it seems its a little bit easier for me to stop repeatedly doing useless things, which I know are useless, but before I had a bit harder time stopping them before they ate a large chunk of my time (like sorting things, rechecking messages, etc), but weather its a matter of chelation is questionable, as the level of improvement I have now was already randomly appearing in my life before at various times, and then it got worse again. It may be also related to cortisol/adrenaline/etc/something, which I guess have an influence on how focused I am on what I should be doing. I am also on 20mg pregnenolone now.


Other then this very slight detail, of questionable cause-and-effect relationship to chelation, there is no improvement in any of my numerous brain problems. Its just that I can now tolerate 12.5mg DMSA + 37.5 mg ALA without any side effect, without anything becoming worse then it was before starting chelating.


I'll continue this round for a few more days, then several days break, and I'll move to 12.5mg DMSA + 50mg ALA sometime in the second half of February.



  • yeah. but a slightly modified with chris shade and cutler . would love to get more people involved .

  • yeah. but a slightly modified with chris shade and cutler . would love to get more people involved .


    Can you write more how you combined Shade with Cutler? I was also thinking about adding IMD do Cutler protocol, but wondering if it makes any sense. Read opinions that the added benefit of IMD with Cutler would be marginally small, not worth the cost and effort. Interesting what are you experiences? How long you are chelating, what doses of DMSA/ALA, and which Shade product at what dose?

  • I'd be really interested in hearing what sort of combo you're doing too.

    The Shade protocol got me interested in mercury detox again because you dont have to take pills every 3 hours round the clock.
  • How are you progressing? Curious as  I am about to start on the Andy Cutler protocol but concerned about waking up every 3 hours as broken sleep ruins me. Would love an update.

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