Clicking And Painful Knees

I have been doing the bulletproof intermittent fasting diet for 3 months. I take vitamin D and magnesium supplements.

I have been doing interval training (only lasting about 3 minutes flat out) twice a week. I go for a light jog once or twice a week monitoring my HR and keeping it within the fat burning zone. I do 12,000 steps a day.

My knee has always clicked when I have bent down but it is now becoming uncomfortable. I have started taking upgraded collagen once a day but no difference.

Any other suggestions I would really appreciate as I am doing a Tough Mudder in September!!


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    if the exercise &/or the mileage is pretty new to you, then it could be any or all of the things you are doing that is 'wearing' on your knees. 

    especially if you are carrying a bit of weight. or are you built like a Kenyan distance runner. 


    from an exercise point of view you could try two things; 

    1. swap to lower impact stuff, so from jogging/running/treadmill to bike/standing bike. 

    2. strengthen all the muscles that support your knee, you may have weak &/or an imbalance of muscles that support the knee. 


    to get some ideas for #2, you can try googling knee rehab exercises etc (or use google Images to get some graphics) 

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    I recommend taping the knee during your workout. It will add extra support and will help prevent over extension and possibly further damage. Also, don't push too hard, this could be your meniscus and you don't want to risk tearing it. Be careful and listen to your body. I've used KB Tape in the past and it really help stabilize my foot. I could really feet the difference with it on.

  • I suggest finding a skilled therapist to take a look at your situation. Does the click occur in full knee bend or simply half way down?


    It's impossible to determine the cause of your knee pain over the Internet. While the dietary additions are great (collagen can do wonders for the knees), bear in mind if there is a genuine structural deficiency (which clicking sometimes can be) it must be dealt with as well. Often with painful and clicking knees some things to consider are:


    - ankle dorsiflexion think: knee over toes. some say minimum of 40 degrees is required

    - ever sprain your ankle? the bones in your foot interact closely with the shin bone and thus knee joint

    - what are your arches like?

    - tibial, or shin bone,  internal and external rotation

     - state of the entire knee joint and the interacting sliding structures

    - condition of the hip, (same story hip internal rotation, extension etc.) strength of the hip. lateral chain stability

    - overall stability of the lower limb. Can you stand on one leg for 10 secs? Eyes closed?

    - Ability to deal with forces. Can you jump? Hop? Bound? etc. 


    Best of luck with your Tough Mudder!

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