Biohacking Epilepsy

Hi All,


I am currently in the process of diagnosing an issue I get sporadically (maybe once every 3 months or so) which is essentially a "Temporal Lobe Epileptic Seizure" - so far I have had EEG, ECG, MRI, Blood Tests, etc but no inconsistencies can be found. 


I am trying to find a common cause and keep a diary - the only real "link" between all of them is


- It will always happen first thing in the morning (although once it has happened once I get similar effects for the rest of the day, but morning is always the trigger)

- 3 occasions experiences passing out and shaking , usually lasts 30 seconds or so


Sleep: Sometimes when this occurs I guess I could say my sleep wasn't perfect but other times I have had sufficient sleep and still had them

Food: No real link between the meals I eat and the episodes, although they tend to happen before I am able to get up and have my first coffee

Stress: No noticeable links between stress and episodes 



Things I have incorporated



  Morning: Krill Oil (500mg), Vitamin C (2g), Magnesium(500mg), Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D Drops (10,000IU)

  Night: Magnesium (sporadically), Chamomile Tea, Honey (for sleep benefits)


Mediation: Tried to incorporate this for stress benefits in general 




Has anyone ever experienced epilepsy or know of any additional supplements which could help boost my control over these? I understand without knowing the "trigger" it's difficult to control it - I think the only real thing left is a sleep deprived EEG or EEG while sleeping - I think the difficulty is they need to monitor me when it happens, and as it is so infrequent it's difficult to catch the right time.






  • also it would be good if anyone has any tests I should conduct to find possible triggers - I have been looking through here in the UK when I can essentially test anything specific vitamin level, minerals, hormones, etc.


    so any recommendations would be cool.


    Also looking at incorporating something along the lines of "Glutathione" to see if this can benefit me.


    Side Note: Sometimes I feel like when I start taking Alpha Brain again it can induce these more frequent , however that could be coincidental and not relatde to the supplement itself  

  • The ketogenic diet has been used for centuries to treat epilepsy. Today there are tons of research as well to support it. Brain octane would be a good addition to the diet as well. 

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  • I would say that Terry Wahls' book and protocols are by far the best place to start -- far better than this forum or Dave's work.

  • Thanks both for the help, I have used brain octane for coffee but have recently started taking at night also to improve sleep - and so far no episodes. Will continue to monitor.


    And thanks I will check out Terry's work!

  • Hey, not sure if you have thought about trying nootropics (or heard of them), but there are some relatively promising for epilepsy. 


    The one that first comes to mind is piracetam:

   (general article) (study on long-term piracetam use and epilepsy) (study on piracetam and epilepsy)


    Hope you find it useful

  • Hi Brainstorm,


    Is there any studies which test these outside of myoclonic seizures? I think the epileptic subset most linked to my case is temporal lobe epilepsy based on the experiences to date 

  • Hi Brainstorm,


    Is there any studies which test these outside of myoclonic seizures? I think the epileptic subset most linked to my case is temporal lobe epilepsy based on the experiences to date 



    Hi JRH,


    I haven't found any related to piracetam and temporal lobe epilepsy. However, I did find a few that looked at levitiracetam and your case of epilepsy (founder here:


    I suspect that's not exceedingly helpful given that levitiracetam is difficult or impossible to find for sale. But it might show some level of success modulating the brain with racetams in general. Thus, might be worth trying piracetam.

  • My 3 yr old started having sudden onset of seizures September... 37 total days in hospital in the last 8 months... they had her on 5 drugs, completely unable to function and still seizing up to 50 daily. I lost all hope in western medicine and started thinking outside the box. I came in contact of a man who was able to help navigate the true underline issue with my child. He said that my daughter had abundant of candida which had gone to the brain... we started a yeast cleanse and Ozone therapy to eradicate the yeast, also chiropractic work. I am happy to say that we have gone from 50 seizures a day on 5 meds to 1 med and maybe 3 weekly during sleep. She has been seizure free as I write for 6 days... this is a huge victory for today we celebrate her 4th birthday.

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