Exogenous Ketones For Athletic Performance

Anyone have experience using Exogenous Ketones for athletic performance?

For various health/mental reasons, I'm back in a very strict ketogenic diet where I'm limiting net carbs to less than 25 grams per day with no carb re-feeds for awhile. The transition has been smooth (done this several times before) but the one problem is my athletic performance absolutely sucks.


I play competitive racquetball, which involves a lot of quick burst movements which just hasn't been possible.  I can lift weights no problem or even light jogging is ok (in moderation) but anything involving sprinting or high-intense movements and I get drained very quickly.  Of course, I'm aware this is from lack of glycogen in my body and the slower conversion of fat to ATP. 


Wondering if you can regain that "burst power" from talking exogenous ketones prior to an athletic activity.   Or any other supplements you recommend prior to hitting the gym?


If so, what's the cheapest exogenous ketone supplement you guys recommend? 

How much time do I need to give to get these working in the system?

Anyone experience side effects that I need to know about?  I know it taste awful but I can stomach that if it works.





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