Fat Loss With Strength Gains?

I know we can't have fat loss (catabolic) with muscle gain (anabolic) at the same time but is it possible to get strength gains while losing fat? I'm thinking no since strength comes from muscles, but I"ve always wondered about this as it seems to be the case with me. 



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    1. First, if you just began working out you can easily get this effect and it can be quite powerful, especially for people who used to be very out of shape.

    2. Then, you can get stronger by using your existing muscles more effectively, recruiting more muscle fibers, strengthening neuromuscular connections. This also makes you stronger but not as noticeably as the beginner effect. 

    3. Also with very strict and micromanaging nutrition control it's also possible to lose fat due to a general caloric deficit but gain strength by providing the necessary nutrients around and after workouts. Pretty hard and takes lots of dedication. 

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