I am trying a new weight training technique and will document my progress here for those with interest. I took 1.5 weeks off weight training (vacation, really had no choice)

Look up the book if you want details but the skinny is this:

For each exercise you do 10 super slow, 10 seconds up 10 seconds down reps.

Then you do one set of high weight, the book recommends 1 maximum possible rep, I am doing what I can do 6-8 times.

Lastly, at a midpoint of the exercise for 10-20 seconds doing deep diaphragmatic breathing.


I am changing nothing but the workout method and so far have done torso day, tomorrow is leg and arm day. The workouts last about 45 min.

Full disclosure I heard about this on the Ben Greenfield podcast and thought why not? There is a pubmed article that points to this for getting some muscle mass gains.


The idea is to exhaust the slow twitch muscle fibre and then to start on the fast ones, this allows you to recruit more fast twitch. I think I will give this about a month and if it does nothing or causes strength/size losses I will move back to my old workout.


  • Just checking in:

    I like the new workout. A gotcha is are you going slowly enough, are you exhausting your muscle enough in that first super slow set? I am erring in the direction of not counting reps and just going till the muscle is exhausted. After doing this I quickly up the weight, but usually not to my old level, usually more like 85%, and on that last rep I do the 10-20 second freeze and by the end the muscle is dead tired.

    Biofeedback is quite positive, I get good burn, muscle soreness. As for the gains: Hard to say, as I am lifting lower than usual to do this program effectively.

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