Waking Up Depressed But Feeling Good After An Hour?

Hi guys!


I haven't posted here in a while but really do love this place for working things out. I have seen multiple threads on depression and apologize if this is a repeat topic, I couldn't find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing unfortunately. 


So basically I am a happy, energetic, 30 year old guy, traveling the world and getting into all kinds of mischief. The biggest problem I face day to day is that I always wake up feeling really bad in the morning but usually after about an hour I feel great.... Some days I struggle to get out of bed at all and feel like whats the point of it all...... This isn't your standard morning blues, I had that growing up and can tell the difference. This is like full on depression but only while I remain in bed... Almost like my body telling me to get up and stop being a lazy shit. I know the obvious solution is to just get up and start the day, exercise, go for a walk etc but it is really really hard and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this. 


Let me clarify a few thing first that I have noted.


  • Its not about being tired in the morning, I sleep well and have these same feelings despite being well rested or tired. 
  • This seems to occur regardless of weather I'm fasting or eating normally.
  • I try to eat well, mostly paleo but don't have a lot of money due to extended travelling and this leads to eating crappy food. The symptoms are worse after a night of bad food.
  • A coffee in the morning speeds up the good feels. I usually use stevia but also use sugar sometimes which helps even more to cheer me up leading me to believe this is food / blood sugar related. 
  • I have gone off caffeine completely for months at a time and it seems drinking normal or decaf coffee doesn't change anything.  
  • This occurs regardless of weather I have or have not drunk alcohol or smoked marijuana the night before so I don't think it's a kind of hangover.


Is this making sense to anyone? I am happy to clarify anything. More importantly is there anything I could do to stop this from happening? 


Thanks in advance!





  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
    - does it matter whether it's light or dark when you wake.

    - is it seasonal, or all year round.

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  • Hmmm an interesting point Daz! I have recently moved to Sweden where there is far less sun than in Australia where I am from. 


    Honestly I have never made note of the weather or season but can see how this could affect me. 


    Are you thinking its a form of seasonal depression due to reduced sun and vitamin D?


    I will start paying more attention to this and get some vitamin D to test, thanks!


    Tyler .

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    perhaps one or more things going on...

    - low vit d levels.

    - circadian rhythm issues.


    If you supplement with d3, I would recommend taking in the mornings. & Take around the same time every day, it may enhance your circadian rhythm (a zeitgeber).

    Ideally get a blood test to check your levels.

    & Try & get out in the Sun in the mornings, if there is any.

    or bright light (5000K+) is better than nothing.

    fake it till you make it

  • Thanks for the advice :)

  • Thomas_BPThomas_BP
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    TBH i am never in a good mood when i wake up and sometimes it can get a bit heavier than usual because of recurring thoughts, past events that i seems to recall every morning, etc..then life takes over and i go on with it.

    I moved also to a new country with less sun and i have bought a Lumie bodyclock to wake up plus a desk lamp where i have breakfast


    One thing that did a big improvement for my mornings is taking 3g of Gluthatione force the evening before, no idea why but each time i do it i wake up frsh and light

  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    daylight lamps and UV are awesome... have some for my room and one for me that i use 5 days a week on my body. you will feel the difference. at least that is one big thing I feel a huge difference from. 


    Another thing might be HCL because you might be low on stomach acid...

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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  • Thanks guys, I am keen to explore any potential solution! 

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