Biohack For Night Blindness

Does anyone here know of any solutions for night blindness? Ive never been able to drive at night due to this and lately it's really hindering me being able to find employment.


  • Make sure all interior lights are set to lowest setting. Get brighter headlight bulbs or HIDs.

    I always hated night driving cuz I have a hard time seeing but HIDs eliminated the problem.
  • Need more info.

    Have you gone to an optomotrist about it? What did they say? (There are actually several types of night blindness)


    The bad news: Not a real lot you can do.


    Make sure you are getting enough vitamin A.

    Try walking in a safe area (your living room, for example) with the lights off. With just ambient light, you'll start forcing yourself to notice more.


    There are some eye-exercise systems out there that may help, but the research is pretty sketchy. Still, file palming and gabor techniques can't hurt, might help.

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    @daniellep, your query reminded me of some text in an old post by Jack Kruse...

    i can no longer find the post on his site, but here is an archived link;

    the relevant bit relates to Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A levels

    & here is the text (bolded by me);



    How do you tell if you are taking too much Vitamin D to get to optimal?


    For men or women, you might notice your own free testosterone level is really low on a high Vitamin D3 supplemented level, and your libido is lagging badly or your body comp is not coming around. Or you might try reading in low light conditions and see how you do. Many will notice that they can’t do it well any longer. If you listened to my recent Nov 2011 podcast on you might have wondered why I read in low light and red light levels during my own reset.

    I was checking myself for signs that I was pushing my Vitamin D3 status too high. Affected individuals are unable to distinguish images in low levels of illumination.

    Vitamin A deficiency affects vision by inhibiting the production of rhodopsin, the eye pigment responsible for sensing low light situations.

    Rhodopsin is found in the retina and is composed of retinal, which is an active form of vitamin A, and opsin a protein made by the retina.

    Basically, if you “over do” the use of Vitamin D3, you will not make enough rhodopsin (from a relative Vitamin A deficiency), and you will suffer from night blindness.

    I pick this up in patients who notice night time visual driving issues.

    Most people won’t read in low lig5ht levels like I do to assess themselves for this issue. 7However, you can use this simple test too. Their doctors usually send them to the ophthalmologist, but most are cured once they tweak their diets and add back some vitamin A containing foods.


    They also suffer from a more serious subclinical problem. They can never cure their leaky gut due to chronic inflammation from infections. The reason for both of these clinical features is that they likely have a co morbid lack of Vitamin A in the diet to offset the raised supplemental Vitamin D3. Each cell in our body has 2 vitamin A receptors for every Vitamin D receptor. So as our vitamin D level rises, our endogenous Vitamin A source is used up even quicker. We need to make sure we are getting enough of the fat soluble Vitamin A too as Vitamin D3 goes up. These two vitamins are metabolically coupled. This is probably the most common reason people have persistent bloating and cannot clear H Pylori or Candida infections from their guts when they transition to a paleo template.


    fake it till you make it

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    bumping an old thread...

    Has anyone improved their night vision via supplements or foods...

    If yes, please tell more

    fake it till you make it

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