Bulletproof Coffee = Always Disaster Pants? Why

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I've been drinking bulletproof coffee for about 2 years now.  This is about stomach issues, so be forewarned.  After I drink Bulletproof coffee in the morning, I feel great like you all do, and have a glorious, solid BM about 30 - 45 minutes later.  The problem is after I eat my first meal of the day around 1 or 1:30 pm, I have a liquid BM.  Sometimes it's a mix, other times it's the full blown 'rrhea!  I've experimented with different lunches like only salad, only protein, only soup, etc., all within the bulletproof guidelines for the most part.  But there is no consistency, the liquid BM's seem to happen the majority of the time.


This is concerning me because it's been going on for 2 years.  I have tried smaller doses of MCT, I have tried only coconut oil, I have experimented many times.  But I keep getting the same result after I eat my first meal of the day and it's shitty!  The loose BM's oftentimes last into the night as well.  Sometimes just one more occurrence after the lunch one, other times 3 or 4.  It's getting out of hand.


I love the way I feel with Bulletproof coffee, but feel like I can be doing more harm than good to my stomach.  Does this happen to anyone else??  Has anyone been able to fix this issue, if so, how?  Any info helps.





  • Yeah, I have.  And things are much better when I do.  Problem is, that eliminates the coffee and it's intermediate fasting.  Something which I think is awesome, makes me feel good, clear.  Trying to find a happy medium where I can still intermediate fast with the coffee.  Solid breakfasts will be the next step, but also the give up on the bulletproof coffee/inter-fast combo.     

  • Hi, Matt!  


    I recently wrote this article for Fix Your Gut to help people like you:




    I hope you get something out of it.

  • Thanks Jason, good article.  Informative!  The weird part about this whole damn thing is I'm not affected until I eat.  My first BM after the coffee and MCT oil is great, perfect.  Only after I eat my first meal of the day do I get the bad BM's.  Good info that consistently doing this is indeed causing harm.  I use Dave's XCT oil so it is of high quality, and I also supplement the coffee with organic bovine collagen for that protein you mention.   

  • It would appear that you are having the same reaction, but your bowel transit is just a couple of hours off.  I would cut out IF until you get your gut fixed, then add it back in.  I don't think that the benefits of IF are going to be superior to the damage caused by disaster pants.

  • I have never tried BP coffee, and I have not had coffee in over 4 years, because of the same predicament you are in. I cut out coffee and stopped having an acidic stomach and gi issues (mostly). I switched to espresso only for a while along with food, but eventually the stomach issues came back. I rid myself of gluten since January and have been on better probiotics and I drink high quality decaf green tea during the day (with collagen). I believe I have ibs, but even after seeing a few doctors, they consider that such a broad spectrum of issues that it is unclear what it actually is. I do know of a doctor that told me he had been on Prilosec for 8 years because he liked drinking coffee. Not a good trade off.
  • what does your diet look like in your eating window?  have you taken any prebiotics?  fos fiber. 

  • I'm sorry to say I get toilet issues pretty soon after consuming caffeine of any description. Plain black coffee made from BP beans (no butter, no MCT) triggers it, or sometimes even a strong cup of tea. I'm otherwise pretty healthy, sleeping well, eating BP and exercising plenty. At the moment my morning drink is a herbal tea + MCT + butter + stevia. The taste and feeling of this 'BP tea' is nowhere near as good as coffee, but at least my toilet activities are normal. Maybe we are in the same no-coffee-boat.


    (P.S. I'd love to find a fix too, but no such luck yet)

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    "caffeine of any description." Does this include caffeine pills?


    As far as I can read and understand it. Your problem isn't caused by the butter nor the mct. The culprit lies with the coffee and or the caffeine.


    You can try caffeine in pill form, or less coffee/caffeine. Besides no coffee and no caffeine, 'course.


    Or a different kind of buzz like bulletproof cacao tea. With maybe added l-theanine (caps).

  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    Normal GI (gastro intestinal) transit time is typically between 12 and 24 hours.


    Bowel movements tend to follow meals. Most noticeable with babies - they feed, then within about 20 minutes you need to change their poopy diaper. What comes out is not the digested form of the most recent meal, but rather whatever was in the colon at the time.


    In some cases, like food poisoning, GI being overwhelmed by fat content, laxatives - your GI will keep pushing everything out until your entire GI is empty. In that case you end up having multiple sessions of urgent diarrhea until everything is out.


    For you, the coffee is probably going through your entire digestive track in ~4 hours. It's the first "meal" of your day, stimulating the bowel movement that eliminates the processed foods from yesterday's meals. The diarrhea following lunch is not because of the lunch - lunch is giving your GI a signal to move things along...


    You can try adding things to your breakfast to see how that changes things. Will adding collagen slow down transit so your GI can actually digest the coffee?What about eggs and coffee?


    You can try using digestive enzymes with the coffee - try to find one with lipase. That will help your stomach digest the fats. You can also back off of the fats to a level that you tolerate, and very slowly increase it from there to see if you can improve your digestive abilities.


    As Jason H. said, I don't think that the benefits of IF are going to be superior to the damage caused by disaster pants. Intermittent fasting is an "icing on the cake" type of thing... constant disaster pants is more of a foundational issue that you want to either fix or avoid, long before you try to get fancy.

  • I am gathering the ingredients to make Bulletproof coffee and while doing research, came across this website. The issue with "disaster pants" or diarrhea I think has to deal with your body not being used to so much coconut. I have used both coconut oil and coconut water to control Candida. When I took too much, I had diarrhea like-who-would-have-thought! What you have do to is start with a small serving of coconut oil, like one teaspoon, and gradually work your way up. I have read on other websites that Pacific islanders consume up to 10 tablespoons of coconut a day without any issues.

    Coconut water and oil are good for constipation, so it only makes sense people react this way.

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