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Has anyone got feedback on the Oura ring(https://ouraring.com)? Don't seem to be much out there on it.






  • Ben Greenfield has written a bunch on it
  • Have it, like it. Good for sleep hacking as it shows deep sleep as well as REM, light sleep etc. I have found my deep sleep fro be very low - 2 mins per night. I've managed to get it up to about 15 mins by wearing blue blockers when indoors whilst I'm working at a computer.


    My understanding is the Basis does the same, it comes down to preference. Some people don't like wearing a watch to bed.


    Downsides are that its not that good for physical activity. You wouldn't want to lift kettle bells with it on. Even if someone shakes your hand it can be quite painful. However if you want to go with the evil bond villain look, go for it. I was also hopeful it could be used for real time heart rate variability (heart math style) but alas no.

  • I will look into more on their next version. Looks too large for my taste.
  • the Oura ring is the first ring I have ever worn and it doesn't bother since it is providing useful info. I use the ring every night in airplane mode to track sleep. I am mostly concerned with improving my deep sleep which has been between 1 min to 63 minutes over the last 60+ days, usually in the range of 20 to 50 minutes. I have been using many of Dave's sleep hacks (for example dark room, various supplements - magnesium, B1, B6, Pantothenic acid, etc.) looking for ones that have an effect on (I have a 30 column spreadsheet - not really big enough!)  I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine, and recently  changed masks from a nose only to a full face, and it seemed to improve the amount of deep sleep the first week. the amount of deep sleep dropped off the second week when I changed the magnesium supplement which I had been using to another form of magnesium. I'll change back to the original magnesium supplement this week to see if it really makes a difference.


    I still seem to have some hidden cause for less deep sleep than I wish (only two nights in a row with over 50 minutes of deep sleep). So far the deep sleep minutes per night data has had too much variability to make any firm conclusions about what works to improve deep sleep. If my deep sleep is depressed by eating a peach or some other fruit in the middle of the afternoon which I have NOT been tracking, I'm going to have to enlarge my spread sheet and get serious about tracking everything I eat, and all my exercise sessions.


    I am planning on in making EEG recordings during sleep to correlate with the Oura sleep measurements to see how accurately the Oura is measuring my sleep stages. (OPEN BCI Kickstarter Ganglion board will be delivered (hopefully) in the next few months.

  • I use the Oura ring, and my story is like yours. I did find that my AHI episodes were during REM sleep by correlating the Oura Ring data with the data collected by my CPAP machine. from this comparison it looks like the Oura ring is doing a reasonable job of tracking sleep stages. I also am working on an EEG. but that (Open BCI Ganglion board) is now in the back seat for a while while I normalize my hormones.

    Recently I discovered I had a slightly low thyroid, and now take an over the counter supplement. To make sure I don't overdose, I measure my waking body temperature and it is just at 97.6 (still a little low from the desired 97.8, but is an improvement from a few weeks ago) So far. no effect on my sleep cycle. since I am going slowly at increases. My hands are not as cold during the day as they were a few weeks ago.

    My latest hack: the last few nights I have been taking (a little - 2 or 3 drops) Progesterone in Vitamin E (ProgestE) by rubbing it on my skin. last night I put the 3 drops in my mouth, and had a very good night sleep. My Deep Sleep was 1.5 hours (usually is less than 1 hour.) I am really happy about that.

    For a reference about use of progesterone take a look at raypeat.com articles. Progesterone is very safe and sees to have an excellent pro-sleep effect.

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