Does Protein Biological Value Really Matter?

Quick question. If I want to reach a target amount of protein calories, do I need to consider the biological value of the certain types of protein foods? For example from what I am researching only 80 percent of beef protein is absorbed. Does this mean the other 20 percent of the protein calories become cancelled out? Is biolgocial value even legitimate science? Thanks


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    Yes the calories count, it doesn't mean it's not absorbed, just that the amounts and types of amino acids are in such a way that it is more or less beneficial (ie beef has more glycine than whey) this is mostly unimportant unless you are trying to maximize muscle mass, in which case anything from the meats and upward will be good/fine, just avoid the lower plant proteins soy etc. Yes it's legitimate science, there are studies on protein type and muscle growth.
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  • Jason just to clarify a little bit more. SO for 90/10 grassfed beef its about 5.5 grams of protein per ounce. I should count the total 5.5 and don't need to subtract the 20% negative biological value? Thanks.

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    Yes, just count it. I don't see any reason to get that specific, we at ETP don't factor it into settings, and I can't think of any macro programmers or programs that do.
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    I eat 9oz beef, 3oz chicken, 1.5 scoops whey, 2 eggs, and the rest are from incidentals found in other food items, it all gets counted in myfitnesspal to meet my target.
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  • Protein biological value is like playing with Lego where the Lego is the amino acids.

    If you want to build a car and have a box with Lego and the box contains exactly all prices you need it's a 100 percent match. Nothing missing and no leftovers. If you instead want to build a boat it would not fit as good. You might use half the Lego pieces to build half a boat and the other pieces are leftovers. Now you need to get more Lego boxes to complete the boat.

    This is how the body build protein based on the amino acid ratios you eat.

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