How Long Do I Need To Be In Ketosis To Have Beneficial Effects?

How long do I need to be in ketosis to have beneficial effects? If I am in ketosis for only a portion of the day, let's say until 5pm, should I expect to experience the benefits?


I am new to this style of "dieting". I am consistently improving but I still find myself having something like a piece of fruit around 4 or 5pm. Assuming I entered ketosis a little bit after my morning cup of BP coffee and then come out of ketosis a little bit after ingesting the piece of fruit, would beneficial processes have been taking place in my body?


I have this question because it seems that some people are extreme and stay in ketosis for extended periods of time (for several days, at least according to their posts on the web). Could my body still be tapping into its fat stores in the above scenario? Could I still obtain some of the other benefits of ketosis and/or intermittent fasting? I find I do not get hungry and am productive at work, so it seems I definitely get a cognitive boost.


If anyone needs any clarification I will add more detail or rephrase my statements as necessary. 


Notes: I can provide my typical diet on a weekday if that helps. Also, I have monitored my state of ketosis with ketosis sticks. There have been times I have stayed in ketosis for a few hours even after eating fruit. So I am not stressing out about being perfect, it is more of a curiosity and seeing what I can work on.


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  • I only rarely bother to use my blood ketone monitor, the urine strips or even the Ketonix breath monitor now whereas for the first 5 or 6 months I used them perhaps obsessively. I usually just know roughly what level I'm at and I feel so good with what I'm eating (and not eating) that I don't tend to care if I'm in high ketosis or not.

    A lot of the literature suggests that while keto adaptation takes about 2 weeks for most people, that it can take 18 to 24 months for the body to become fully keto adapted. Luckily for me most of the carb-rich foods that I used to regularly crave are no longer appetizing to me so compliance is quite easy even when eating out.

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