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    Actually, the more I read about hormonal problems, inflammation, cortisol, insulin, thyroid, especially for females, the more I'm convinced that high-fat-low-carb makes it worse, instead of making it better. My next step will include reducing my fat intake to around 15% of my daily kcal. I'm already eating small amounts of carbs regularly throughout the day, so that's okay, but maybe I will increase carbs a bit more. Sorry, BP people but I have to give this a try. I'm more and more convinced that HFLC slows down metabolism considerably. If I have to choose between living a few years longer while being sluggish and fat with no energy, or a few years less but in a good shape, I'm going for the second option. Will see how it goes, for me it's pretty hard to reduce fats even more, I have much less willpower now than I used to. But this lifestyle did a number on my already messed up cortisol and thyroid levels so now I'm trying to change it to see if it helps.



    I don't want to derail this thread that much. :grin: But actually the boob problem led me to read more about hormones, and gave me some ideas what to do with PCOS which I just coexisted with in the past 15 years. It is related to boobs actually. Hormonal imbalance can lead to underdeveloped breasts.

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    Well i am using boob pop tool for make my breast bigger and I notice a big change in my breast it appears to be fuller and it's only my 1st week using. I love this product ladies this is a must buy I gain about a inch or so from that product my husband was the 1st one to notice.

  • I've done A LOT of research on breast enlargement product and boobpop tool is by far the most credible brand. So many positive reviews!

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    I've heard several anecdotes from women that taking maca increased both breast size and butt size.

    Birth control pills too, but those cause a myriad of problems like............increase risk of cancer, so.

    I've also heard from some women that building muscle caused an increase in breast size, one woman went up 2 cup sizes(??!!) she must have done bodybuilding-level working out.

  • I initially had very small size breast and thought to increase its size so i decided to do some medications.i got boobpop and tried it.its now increases in size.goooooooooooood to have.

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    She's not obsessing over it or anything. Just something she was interested in. As I thought there is no way to do this. It's like increasing penis size, if there was a way, everyone would be doing it.

    i thought so too...i decided to try and they did get bigger i think.... then they got smaller again cos i forgot about doing it. i just was really massaging them quite hard. men who are in the army get one big boob fromw here they butt their gun to their chests in ceremonial marching. so i figured maybe if i thump a bit theyll grow, thumping is quite sore, although not when youve got teeny boobs really, but i decided the nest best thing would be to massage them. open up the blood flow lymph ducts get everything enlivened down there and after about two months they got bigger and i was like ..f me silly with a chair leg this is amazin!!!! and then i stopped doing it and they went back to normal and i really havent the time or patience to do it again. but its worth a shot and its not unpleasant and you could help too! really its at least a win if not a win win. collegen applied topically by the wya wont help any thing except maybe her skin, boobs arent made of collegen, any more than anything else, they are a matrix of ducts for milk and lymph so a network of roads, and fat of is the main thing that makes boobs bigger, big boobed women dont have bigger ducts or anything they just deposit more fat in and around the ducts and possible retain more water there in the cells. if you lose weight your boobs get small if you put it on they get bigger, so eating more would make her boobs bigger. along with the rest of her. fat deposits build up as a protection for those men with the guns and so my theory was if i got the area a bit sore it would want to protect itself and deposit something there. mayeb ti was just water. like anythign swells up if you massage it really doesnt it. ever massage one leg first nad realise its so much bigger than the other one thats all tight and cold. no... ok welll thats probably in my imagination too. anyway. if anything it will make her realise that having larger boobs will prpbnably involve some pain {especially if she were to do surgery or injections or something} and she might not find it worth it.

  • Pushups, divider pushups, seat squeezes, trunk presses and trunk compressions can help in the bosom improvement.

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