Is Hillary Biohacking (On Top Of The Regular 'hacking' She Does)?



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    In the last few weeks, the WikiLeaks have been ridiculous. This is just today. Hillary bribed the FBI.
    Anyone defending Hillary at this point has no ground to stand on.

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    Did the 7th Floor Group also turn Hillary into a demon straight out of the pit of hell (loved watching Alex Jones backpedal from that one!), or give her Parkinson's disease? Did they get her transfusions of "young blood" to help her recover from her illness (which totes couldn't be pneumonia, it has to be Parkinson's, because of the videos)?

    Seems pretty mundane for the official Shadow Government to be a (hilariously named) review board for FOIA requests. What's next, will we find that the Illuminati is a DoT regulatory committee? The Reptilian Overlords is the group name of the EPA board of scientific counselors? That Skull and Bones are a group of rich ivy league frat boys? ...wait a minute!

    At least they didn't grab 'em by the p$$y.
    Maybe we should start a new thread asking if The Donald is biohacking? I have it on pretty good authority that he is SNIFF boosting his debate performance with SNIFF something. Maybe it's Brain Octane oil? Wonder how he would have done on that pre-debate drug test?
    Also, did you know that the election is rigged, totally rigged, by each individual district in each individual state colluding against The Donald along with the media (ignoring the $3billion+ in free media coverage he has had)?! So, there's that. Shadow Government!

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    it's all reptilians and shapeshifters. we can't do anything about it. Hillary is planning on a fake UFO invasion on election day in states where they vote mostly for Trump....

    it is funny to look at it from outside the US. it's like a Season from House of Cards but actually more weird and with less murder... at least so far.

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    Before brexit and this horrifying creep show of an election I used to think that in developed countries there is no way that they have such political scandals as in Hungary. Now I see it's not better AT ALL. Politics is really the same everywhere, lying, cheating, stealing by definition. The SNL shows are pretty good though. :D We used to have a political show a long time ago, I think in the 90s. Back then things were similarly crappy, but at least we could laugh at them.

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  • Modern Life SurvivalistModern Life Survivalist Saturated Fat Truther ✭✭

    The educated class here, Reka, see through SNL as an obvious _smeer-for-snears _(I'm coining that) podium for liberals (often under the guise of conservatism, might I add). They are part of an extremely well-oiled machine called the Mainstream Media, which is run by 6 corporations. No one who with any integrity turns to them as their first source for legitimate critique of either candidate. They always go easy on the Progressive, and they completely dehumanize the Conservative/Right. It's a horrifying creep show for sure. It always works out for them pretty well, because they thrive on keeping individuals dumbed down and in a sex/violence-infused stupor.

    Their control of the narrative, with NBC (which airs SNL) at the center, has had this power since the advent of television really. There's a movie called Network from the Seventies that describes exactly what is wrong with the media, and why we probably should not let them have any influence on our political views through their commentary (and that includes Fox News).

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    Why can't I quote people anymore?

  • Modern Life SurvivalistModern Life Survivalist Saturated Fat Truther ✭✭

    Jason Miller "I know, it's terrible."

    Yeah, but who wants to do all that manual C&P-ing? I think you're not on the winning team here. The old system was much better and more convenient. It needs to be fixed.

  • Thoughts on this please.

  • yeah i've been feeling the same way about comedians being in the pocket of the establishment. one of the most disappointing examples for me recently was seeing David Cross back in March. i kind of had a feeling it was gonna be like that, but Mr. Show has been one of my favorite comedy shows since high school, so seeing him live was kind of on my bucket list. seriously, very few LOL moments and a lot of shots taken at Trump and Trump supporters, which is just way too damn easy. dude still does GREAT with sketch comedy, but his stand up just feels like a democrat circle jerk. I watched his netflix special just to make sure i wasn't just "not in the mood" that night, and again, hardly any LOLs to be had. Contrast that with my recent experience seeing Louis CK, who didn't talk politics at all, and fucking knocked it out of the park (although, i'm on his email list and he did go on a Trump rant once, but that shit's free so whatever). The one guy I see who isn't a total wuss about this shit is Bill Burr. He did talk politics but he bashes 'em both, but also admits he's a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and also admits that he doesn't know shit and is a fucking comedian.

    To me, all this shit seems a little too...fabricated. Like, there was some Illuminati meeting and they're like "okay, who are we gonna have play the roles this year? We need a bigger clown than Bush to be the puppet on the right. Should we go for the mormon? Nah, how about the crazy religious black dude? No, we need someone that will rev up the racial/gender tensions and make even the most fucked up democrat seem totally worth voting for. Lets get Trump! What about the democrat? Is it time to bust out the Hillbot? Yeah, lets do that, but lets get all the young folks all riled up first with the most hippie-'d out guy we can, then take him out of the picture, that way Trump will seem like even more of a wacko. What about 3rd parties? We can't leave THEM out, we have to placate the alt-left, lets get some goofball pseudo-libertarian and someone even more bernie sanders than bernie sanders. But how are we gonna get ANYBODY to take Trump seriously? It's the age of the internet.... those alt-right folks are gonna be calling bullshit on all of this...i know, lets get Alex Jones on board with Trump!".

    Yep, pretty sure that's what happened.

  • sparefilmssparefilms Post-human Construct ✭✭✭

    Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is not a Progressive, right? She is barely a Centrist as far as policy goes. Hell, she has the endorsement of big name Republicans this election, including the Bush clan (except for poor ol' Billy Bush), and is a blatant war-hawk.

  • thats what i keep telling people when they ask me sparefilms. i'm not sure if there really is a lesser of 2 evils, or 4 evils for that matter. lately i keep hearing everyone talk about how hillary is so "capable for the job" and how "she knows what she's doing", and i think THATs the SCARY part about her!

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    @Bulletproof Moderator
    Have you tested the quote feature using the mobile/Android site... ?

    Did not work for me just now.

    Full/desktop site works fine.

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    @drumminangoleiro said:
    thats what i keep telling people when they ask me sparefilms. i'm not sure if there really is a lesser of 2 evils, or 4 evils for that matter. lately i keep hearing everyone talk about how hillary is so "capable for the job" and how "she knows what she's doing", and i think THATs the SCARY part about her!

    The major choice this election has several key factors, and none of them are pretty. You can be reasonably assured of a "lesser of two evils" type decision by looking at Clinton's motivations. She ****IS**** the status quo. She will be highly unlikely to change things considering she has basically spent her entire life trying to become President. She's definitely not going to sell the US to international-bankster-elite-shadow government-reptilians or put everyone in Pods. She will do shady shit to benefit herself, start a few minor wars, the things that the US has been doing for decades now. Contrast those to the Donald, who threatens to default on the US national debt, says he will not honor mutual protection agreements, wants to imprison his political opponents, gets into Twitter wars at 3am, wants to sue the media, said we should have just stole Iraq's oil and got out of there, and asks his advisers repeatedly why we are not using nuclear weapons in the Middle East...need we go on?

    It's the old, tolerable evil we know, the one that wants to consolidate US power and keep the system going, milking the population (which necessitates a middle-class economic boost by the way) vs the insane chaotic evil that could collapse the world economy, gets insulted easily, loses money running a freaking casino, admires Putin, and doesn't understand why we don't want thermonuclear war, why we don't invade countries to rob them of their natural resources (without a cover story anyways), and why we don't just grab women by the p$$y or start kissing them without permission.

    It's a shitty choice.

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