Using Pemf On The Brain & An Interview With Pemf Inventor: Dr. Robert Dennis

At this point, there has not been much clinical research on the effect PEMF on the brain.

In fact, many manufacturers make elaborate claims about PEMF with no clinical research backing them whatsoever!

I recently had a chance to interview the inventor of PEMF technology: NASA scientist, Dr. Robert Dennis.

Here is the interview with Dr. Dennis:

I asked him his opinion on using PEMF on the brain, and he is just starting a lab study to gain a clinical understanding of PEMF on nerve cell signaling- I will post these results when they are available...

If you are interested in purchasing a PEMF system, I strongly recommend buying a Micro-Pulse ICES DigiCeutical A9a system.

It is the updated release of the SomaPulse P2a (which Dr. Dennis designed for the SomaPulse company)

This is the PEMF device which is manufactured by the inventor of this technology (developed for NASA) and clinically tested using the most advanced lab equipment in the world. SomaPulse sells the outdated version of this technology for $1390, and Micro-Pulse sells the new release for $429 because they are manufactured by Dr. Dennis himself.

His personal objective is to make this technology as affordable and available to the public as possible, and get the BS and price inflation out of the industry.

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    Actually, it seems very strange to me that the developer of Somapulse Robert Dennis, later Micro-Pulse would state this in ICES tech brief from 2014 "PEMF: Pulsed electro-magnetic fields, also known as PMF (pulsed magnetic fields)are a very common type of therapeutic device, but much less is known about how these devices work, and even if they work at all. There is not any widely accepted theory for how the pulsed magnetic fields actually interact with living cells and tissues. As a result, the internet is filled with wild speculation. In this information vacuum, there are many persistent myths about PEMF. But clinicians who use PEMF state that it does work eventually if properly applied. It is often reported that it may take 6 to 9 months to see any benefit from PEMF."

    I found this statement fairly odd due to his involvement with Somapulse and considering the exchange I've had with the company who in my opinion shared no doubts over the benefits from PEMF and Somapulse, in fact, they were praising it for obvious reasons. It seems to me like ICES was "only" or mainly invented as a competition to PEMF since the PEMF market is a crowded place, so why not create a new product and call the rest BS? That's how I see it anyway. And it's fairly odd to say that PEMF is "much less known" than ICES, LOL on that.

  • Davidberg,

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the exact opposite is true there are thousands of published scientific papers on PEMF. it is so well studied FDA has cleared devices for the process of healing patients. Not to mention NASA studies etc.

    PEMF works and it is pretty well understood how it works. Maybe not all the way. But is anything? Right now scientists are narrowing down making pemf machines more efficient. That tells you we understand quite a bit. And the machines work! That's all you really need to know.
  • Yes go to any journal search engine and type on PEMF. And read. EASY.
  • Or just read this book.

    PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health:

    Massive amount of scientific citations in the book.
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    I tend to agree with Jason. The effects are being discussed but from my experience I prefer light therapy.

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  • A follow-up study of the in-practice results of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the management of nonunion fractures

  • Hello. I am interested in learning more about PEMF and have studied it for just a little while, and my knowledge is very limited. However I have noted several inconsistencies in the information that I have seen so far as well as what I read above on this thread.
    1. FDA ruled PEMF to be approved in the year 1982. This means that the aforementioned 'inventor' of PEMF, could not possibly have invented it in 1998.
    2. Studies date back prior 1980's from various countries, ie. Russia, France, Germany.
    3. There are a few peer reviewed abstracts, which are here These show some benefit to PEMF, but are vague at least most that I have read thus far.
    4. All the information on youtube is heavily pitched by so called experts in the field. I mean that simply because there are 2 views to PEMF, the high gauss intensity approach and the low gauss approach. How is it that they both call the other non functional, is bizarre to say the least. High gauss practitioners say, low gauss is just like placebo and low gauss practitioners(including scientists) say high gauss is damaging. Marketing is all this is thus it becomes hard to tell apart the truth from false information.
    5. As far as studies are concerned, there are such studies which are done which I've read in Body Electric, that show that they were done incorrectly by one group of scientists over another. So this now becomes a very muddied search for truth that is grayed out by market experts whom just want to sell you a product worth 20,000 or thereabouts, and yes 6,000 is fairly low for this market. This is just a scheme to sell products no one knows much about.
    6. The fact is that no one knows much about this technology however there are those prior researchers who really do ie. Royal Rife, Wilhelm Reich, George Lakhovsky and others.
    7. PEMF predates WWII and I'm sure is older still.
    8. Put simply, this research is being pushed out into the market by people who do not understand the dangers they are exposing the public too, as mentioned above, the debate over which magnitude to implement using which frequency is ongoing and is put to the best marketer out there to sell you a product. That is all.
    9. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic out and very difficult to decipher which is credible.

    There is more to say, as there are a lot of questions in regards to this topic. It is shown that a static field actually damages the nervous system. Same is also shown about PEMF, to where an experiment took chicks, and exposed them to 10, 100 and 1000 hertz respectively, using .001 gauss. The 10 hertz group were normal, but 100 hertz developed severe defects of nervous system, the 1000 hertz also had abnormalities but not as much as with 100 hertz; this is using the same low gauss strength of .001.

    On the other hand it is shown that PEMF increases cell proliferation(growth), of both cancerous and non cancerous cells. Which is why it is used in fracture fusions. Little is known about this effect or how it works. I am still trying to understand all this information and this is what I've learned so far. Also, the wave form matters as it can have an opposite effect using the same parameters otherwise, such as gauss and hertz. Reading these abstracts, all I've learned is there is still much to be learned. However the principles used by people such as Royal Rife, are sound and seem to have led to great results, which is why his technology was mostly destroyed(I haven't looked into his work much yet).

    It is said by the more cautious of the lot, that we should proceed with caution into this field. Just because it heals fractures at an expedited rate, doesn't mean it isn't harming the nervous system at the same time. In some experiments, it was shown it puts a heavy burden of stress on cells. The questions are numerous and controls for the environment are sometimes not taken into consideration. One has to be careful. It was shown that cancer cells proliferate faster under certain PEMF conditions. Again, I do not know the specifics as they do not post them in abstracts normally. So this at the current level of knowledge and expertise is a battle between bad science, and marketing experts who want to sell you a product.

    Plus, the so called inventor of PEMF wasn't even born when Royal Rife was alive and doing PEMF experiments. Be very careful what you get yourself into. This could just be well bottled snake oil.

  • I have purchased a Pulse Centers X1 and should be receiving it tomorrow. Pulse Centers PEMF was featured on a recent podcast that Dave published, and Dave himself has one in his lap for his personal use.
    The book mentioned by Arturro5545 earlier in the thread is quite a book, with a whole lot of technical talk, especially around Quantum Physics.

    @Arturro5545 said:
    Or just read this book.

    PEMF - The Fifth Element of Health:

    Massive amount of scientific citations in the book.

    While I am not personally a physicist, I have as part of my training as a Life Coach instructor studied quantum theory, holographic intelligence, and 4 Quadrant thinking extensively. The idea that we are quantum energy and that the processes of the body are beyond our current understand resonate with me strongly. They fit my experience over the last 15 years working with Life Coaching and Neuro-linguistics, as well as working with Naturopathic Doctors, Energy Healers, and Rolfers.

    If anyone of you are in Seattle, let me know, I will get you on my machine so you can see the benefits for yourself!

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