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So, I'm kinda new to all this. I got the book several weeks ago, and found out my local health food store had the Brain Octane on sale. So, I decided to pick up a couple bottles. Then I went on a trip. A very long one. By car.

Since I'm just getting into this, I did not take a stick of organic grass fed unsalted butter with me. But I did take one bottle of Brain Octane with me, a stir stick, and a teaspoon measure. It helped tremendously with my concentration and alertness, no doubt (I have fallen asleep behind the wheel many times. This time it almost wasn't a problem).

Anyway, I've been drinking coffee since I was 5 years old. I try to keep a limit on how much I drink. A typical day is usually two cups in the morning (one of which I put the coconut oil in, so I guess that makes it "semi bulletproof") and usually...... this is a long standing tradition..... I'm usually ready for one last cup of coffee around 4 or 5pm (which I also add a teaspoon of Brain Octane to as well).

I know he says not to drink coffee after 2pm...... usually I'm napping at 2pm. Due to my sleep apnea. Which (normally) makes me chronically exhausted.

Last night, I was wide awake till about 3am. Couldn't sleep. Many times after I drink BP coffee I feel a rapid heart rate and a low level of general anxiety that I can't quite explain or put my finger on. I also suffer from PTSD.

And yes, I've been drinking coffee long enough to tell you that no, given my poor health and sleep apnea, rapid heart rates and being wide awake till 3am are not "normal" for me.

I haven't actually added the butter yet. Just because I find the idea a real PITA and I don't have a hand blender. I know in the book he talks about what to do with your upgraded life, but I didn't think it would involve being wide awake till 3am, watching re-runs of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and playing solataire on my smart phone.


Also, someone else mentioned BP Coffee and PTSD. So, maybe that's something I should look into?

Maybe I should switch to another brand of coconut oil? I know he says that they're not as effective as Brain Octane, but maybe "not quite as effective" is what I need right now?

I'm supposed to be sleeping right now in fact. Couldn't sleep. Eyes wide open.....

Any opinions welcome.


  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    'I have fallen asleep behind the wheel many times.' Well that's troubling.

    But regarding Brain Octane, apparently it provided some energy your brain can use properly. In an amount that coconut oil did not. Coconut oil has about 7,5% C8 MCT, while Brain Octane is all C8. Doesn't all explain why you can't sleep, which can have a million reasons. I'd start with implementing all sleep hygiene rules, and not drinking coffee (or brain octane) after 2 pm. It's a simple experiment so worth a try.

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    Okay, that seems simple enough. I could've sworn that I read somewhere that Brain Octane was also supposed to make you sleep better, but..... maybe in my case..... not.

    Brain Octane was my first experience with any kind of coconut oil. Never tried it before that. I just got it because it came highly recommended and it was on sale.

    Falling asleep behind the wheel. A side of effect of the sleep apnea. The Brain Octane really helped with that on the last trip. Yeah, it's troubling. I downloaded the sleep app. That's pretty cool..... already gained some insights.

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    yea sounds weird for sure. well meaybe you are special. :D did you confirm yet that it is directly corelated to the BO or the coffee beans? I mean stop taking it see what happens start taking it see what happens and stop taking it again. if you see a pattern you know for sure..

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    @stegyfrany Okay, I thought you had already tried coconut oil before. Yes, Brain Octane is a good product, but 1 tbsp (or less) a day is fine to start with. I would definitely use it before/during driving if it helps. And limit other usage to in the morning.

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