Keeping in ketosis and Sunday breakfast

I have been on the bulletproof diet for over 2 1/2 years now, and feel great!

There are just a few questions that I have to make sure that I am following this correctly.

1) on the three mornings a week where I work out in the morning before drinking my bulletproof coffee, I add collagen protein to the coffee. On other mornings, I have bulletproof coffee without the collagen protein. I'm just wondering if this is a good thing to do, or if it is throwing me out of ketosis?

2) I usually don't eat lunch until about one or 2 PM. Sometimes, around 11 AM, I snack on a small piece of bulletproof chocolate or some macadamia nuts – is this ok, should I stick with one or the other, or should I try not to eat anything until lunch?

3) On Sundays, I take a break from my regular bulletproof routine and make myself bacon and scrambled eggs with spinach. I am wondering if It is ok to also consume bulletproof coffee, consume coffee with MCT oil, or consume coffee with no oil or butter at all because I'm getting fats from the other food sources (this is mostly what I have been doing up till now)?

Thank you so much for your feedback!



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