How to be a Bulletproof vegetarian

I want to know how to be a Bulletproof vegetarian.


  • If you can eat eggs and dairy, it's not at all difficult! Dave says over and over how vegetables predominate. (I do eat animal products these days for a number of reasons, but I started out this way vegan plus eggs (no dairy).) You would eat lots of vegetables with lots of butter on them, lots of avocados, sea vegetables, and get your protein from eggs, some cheese if you don't have negative reactions to it, and possibly a high-quality protein powder. That would be a good start anyway.
    I would caution about too many nuts--a lot of vegetarians try to rely on these, and especially if you have any gut issues, they can cause problems. That was my experience anyway...

  • I have followed bp diet for couple of years now and for the past year have been pescetarian. So whilst not a true veggie I have found the bp diet easily achievable if you are able to eat fish - fresh and mercury free (not too much tuna which is heavy in mercury). As ela said - eggs and loads of healthy fats easily done - go easy on cheese and always free range organic eggs. Broccoli, sprouted seeds are great too both with good protein. I do take b12, b6, vit c, krill oil, vit d, mg, every day which i think is important given that you really can't get b vits properly without meat and mg is something that veggies seem to have defences in - or so I read. Keep away from lentils etc too much and where u do use them prepare them yourself instead of tinned or ready versions as I find lentils give stomach ache

  • Forgot to mention - hemp seeds and spirulina in smoothies- both great protein.

  • Hi, I started changing my diet almost by accident. I started eating less and less bread and I noticed I was losing weight - and I have never had (knock on wood) a weight problem -. I also noticed that I had cravings in the afternoon but only when I was a bit hungry. So I started packing more lunch; things such as celery and broccoli and fruit Then I did something I have always wanted to do: a vegetarian challenge (lacto-ovo-vegetarian). I did it for a month and I felt fantastic. Unlike some of the things I've read here my energy levels actually increased and I noticed I could get by with less hours of sleep. My concerns at the moment are how to get all the right nutrients with a lacto-ovo-fish diet and that the vegetarian options are not full of weird ingredients (if you have looked at the list of ingredients of most veggie burgers or veggie "chicken" you'll know what I am talking about).
    Thanks your comments.

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