Vegetarian (and no eggs) bulletproof diet?

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I'm new to this forum so hi :)
I am interested in going bulletproof with my diet, but the problem is, I can't endure most kinds of meat/egg. To me, most kinds of meat and egg taste rotten and inedible, sort of like eating expired meat would probably taste to you guys. (by meat I mean any kind of dead creature, be it fish, locust, poultry or mammal). Note that I can eat dairy.
This thread contains a discussion about a vegetarian bulletproof diet, but it advises to rely on eggs, which are mostly inedible for me.
I was thinking of solving this with adding controlled amounts of legume to the diet, as well as eating extra nuts and protein powders. But the problem is - how would I know how much is ok? And additionally, since the diet does not allow grains, I guess people rely on meat and eggs to feel satiated, but then, what can I do? How can I teach my brain to feel satiated from mostly vegetables? Because right now if I only eat a salad I psychologically feel that I need more food.




  • Hey, I posted a thread on legumes for a low cost diet, which didn't get much response.

    I think having some of the lowest lectin beans, lentils, chick peas and mung beans, is fine, especially if you fully sprout the lentils and then cook them.

    Here's my best advice: utilize raw hemp hearts, soaked raw almonds, and spirulina. Massive nutrients, amino acids and quality protein in those. (and more easily digested than meat)

    Then, look up some super foods on Amazon. Goji berries, Moringa Powder, Marine Phytoplankton powder, mulberries, goldenberries, and then get into sprouting alfalfa and other seeds.

  • Also I go with sometimes 3 or so avocados a day, and tons and tons of coconut oil.

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