Gaining weight instead of Losing

I started bulletproof intermittent fasting over a week ago, and I am considered obese and trying to lose weight. Over the 2nd half of last year I had a really bad diet, I would drink alcohol almost every day after work besides eating fast food and crappy food a lot at work. I know the proper way to eat I just wasn't doing it! But now I stopped eating anything processed, no alcohol, no cheese, no sugar & no gluten. However, in the past week since starting this I have gained 5 pounds instead of losing anything. I am wondering if I am drinking too much of the BPC each day. I usually make 5 cups with 5 tablespoons of grassfed butter & 5 teaspoons of Brain octane oil. Just yesterday I started adding 2 tablespoons of collegen protein since Dave wrote in his book and website if you have a lot of weight to loose you should add this. I usually don't eat until 2pm and I have something small like 2 hard boiled eggs with pink salt & sometimes an avocado. When I finally eat dinner around 8/9pm its always a healthy meat and veggies, once in awhile a sweet potato.

Can anyone help me out or give me any advice? Thank you so much in advanced!


  • Hi

    I struggled for the last year with unexplained weight gain. I had a reasonably good diet that hadn't changed much in years (no soda, alcohol, or junky food)- but I still managed to gain 10 pounds out of nowhere. (I also tried bulletproof a few years ago and gained weight...)

    I was digging through some old files, and I remembered that I had a hair elements analysis done (from Doctor's Data) in 2007, which showed that my hair iodine level was on the low end. Considering that was about 10 years ago, and I only eat Himalayan sea salt instead of commercial iodized salt, I had an "aha" moment that I was probably low in iodine. (Sometimes I would feel a lump in my throat when swallowing, so I'm thinking it was the beginnings of a goiter!) Anyway, I sent some hair off for re-testing last week, but haven't gotten the results back yet. In the meantime, I bought some iodine with kelp drops from Whole Foods, and I feel a huge difference! My feet aren't cold at night anymore, and my skin actually feels warm. It's also improved my blood flow when I exert myself- I used to feel like my legs were lead weights after climbing a flight of stairs. Now I'm back to climbing 2 at a time.

    I just started BP coffee and intermittent fasting about 1 week ago, and I'm shocked at how fast my weight is dropping. It wasn't this way last time, which is why I quit.

    So, my recommendation is to do trial and error on the supplements. Having a sleepy thyroid is a losing battle... and it could be something as simple as iodine deficiency.


  • Murph Gem,

    You MAY be eating WAY to many calories by using both the grassfed butter 5TBP=600 and brain octane 5tsp = about 215. Two eggs = 140 Avocado = 340is. Lets say you ONLY eat the eggs you are already at 955 calories for the day which isnt bad but that means that you only have about 700 or so calories left depending on how much you need to gain a deficient through the day. A 12oz steak is about 600 calories without any added sauces and vegetables. If you only eat some veges and call it a night you should be losing weight...but if you add anything else in your day...a nibble here and there it may put you in a calorie plus and cause the weight gain. Id recommend calculating your calorie needs for the day and starting from there, see if you are going over.


  • I hope that avocado could contribute well for your diet. A research divided participants into two groups. The first consumed a meal with avocados while in the meal of the other group, there was no avocado.
    Researchers started to pose questions about satiety and hunger to both groups.
    The first group who consumed avocados was less eager for foods by 28 percent in the 5-hour period.
    Moreover, the high content of fiber and low amount of carbs in avocados contribute to weight loss as well.

  • MSLymieMSLymie
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    I've seen an article about that research too.
    They never gave an explanation for it,but it's my assumption bc avocado 1) is high in fat 2) high in specifically soluble fiber.
    Both increase satiety; soluble fiber really can make you feel full. (at least it does for me)

    And who knows, maybe the nutrients in it also played a role in increasing metabolism?

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