Why are some of the products limited to the US store?

Hi guys,

Can anyone answer the question above? I got really excited when I saw the instamix product only to realise when I logged into the store I couldn't find that or the Bulletproof ghee (for home use) in the UK store.

Can't use a blender at work so making my coffee bulletproof is quite difficult, especially when unsalted grass feed butter is hard to come buy in uk supermarkets.

Are there plans to make these products available in the UK soon?




  • Bull of HeavenBull of Heaven ✭✭✭
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    I think any bovine related product (collagen, ghee) cannot be imported to the UK for mad cow related reasons. Or it's too much hassle, so don't expect them to be available anytime soon.

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  • Ah yes that would make sense.

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