Collagen And Ketosis

Hi all! I was just curious if you add the collagen to your morning BPC if it will take you out of ketosis?

I am very new to BP an loving it so far but any advice, help, or support would be appreciated.

*60 lbs to lose


  • Hi. I m 73 on a chemo drug that makes you fat so I'm very challenged weight wise. I have used collagen in my morning BP coffee but prefer to use it in my evening no coffee latte to help me sleep better. I don't think it takes u out of ketosis. It's a protein. The one thing I'm trying out now is to skip lunch and only have dinner. I have my morning bulletproof coffee but I add a raw egg yolk for additional fat and nutrution and then another bulletproof coffee at noon. This kills hunger and cravings to get me thru to dinner without having lunch. I'm expecting it will help with my weight issue. I also drink a lot of bone broth which is very nourishing ..... Keep trying different things and keep reading the book. That really helps as one misses a lot of good info on the first read.
  • I am also wondering if adding collagen to bulletproof coffee in the morning will take me out of ketosis. I don't think it will but I am looking for some confirmation. Since it is a hydrolyzed protein (poly peptide) I don't think it would since your metabolism should prefer sugars>fats>proteins and if you've got the butter and brain octane then you should be generating the ketones. However, in a podcast I have heard Dave say that glutamine supplements will take you right out of ketosis, and glutamine is an amino acid. Thus I am left wondering. I am considering buying the keto pee strips to ensure I'm in ketosis. Any literature or anyone who has tried collagen in coffee and confirmed ketosis would be encouraging to hear.

    Thanks and stay bulletproof,

  • It will take a lot of protein to take you out of ketosis. Probably more than you'd get in a normal meal (30+ grams estimate)... but I have heard Dave say that he does not put collagen in his coffee all the time. The reason for this is that it removes some of the fasting benefits.

  • I put the collagen in my BP coffee every morning. I have been doing this since I started the BPD 3 months ago. I did my very first keytone blood strip test this morning (after 5 days of really low carbs) and my reading was 0.4mmol
    I was told that it could take weeks for ones body to be fully transitioned into nutritional ketosis. Wondering your thoughts on two things then:
    1) should I not be putting the collagen in my coffee every morning (to gain more benefits from fasting)? I am a 31 year old female who works out on avg 3 times a week with weights
    2) How long does it take to get into ketosis and does it become easier to get back into it once you take a break for a weekend or so to enjoy some white rice and sweet potato again!


  • I read that eating protein during a fast (or a version of fasting mimicking diet) will reduce the autophagy, which is an important benefit of fasting. See Jason Fung as a good authority on fasting but he doesn't get into FMD fasting mimicking diets. For fasts I use some Brain Octane for help with the degree of ketosis & hunger.

    Getting into ketosis & fasting gets easier the more you do it! Your body adapts faster.

  • I read that too many amino acids can kick you out of ketosis and the collagen protein has lots! So I’m wondering the same as all of you guys.

  • Hi I am just finding this forum. Please, do they answer these questions?

  • I am in keto using it in the morning, I do 22 g the 2 scoops. I do work out so not sure if my body tends to be good at burning off more excess sugar/glucose then someone who is not active but you would need a huge surplus for protien to go out of ketosis.

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