High blood pressure

My mother has an extremely healthy diet, paleo-ish, gluten and dairy free. She has great sleep habits walks almost daily but she can not get her blood pressure down. It worries me I care about her greatly. She has hyperthyroidism, celiacs desease, and was diagnosed with MS. The ms diagnosis was confirmed a misdiagnosis and we feel it was 100% attributed to her change of diet. Anyways beside the high blood pressure she is off most all medications besides something she takes for her thyroid. Soon that will be off the list as well. The doctor is adamit on putting her on blood pressure medication, her functional medicine doctor almost seems clueless and isn't helping very much. Does anyone have any advice or hacks to try? I bought her the zona off daves websit but it was to no avail and she used it religously for a year. Celery juice has also not been much help


  • I'm sorry autocorrect, it's hypothyroidism not hyper

  • If she is open to it can you suggest meditation? Heard it does wonders, of course it is not a magic pill and has a cumulative effect I recommend the Headspace app. Also acupuncture and Chine Med might be considered.?

  • Magnesium helps a lot with bp.

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