I Need Tips For Improving My Sleep

Due to hormonal imbalances (and fertility issues) I don't want to take anything without having some opinions about what is right for improving my sleeping but not harmeshing fertility or hormones.

Lately I am not sleeping properly, I have a tick in one of my eyes (like if I were winking it constantly), I feel tired midday and I need a nap in the afternoon and I have a lot of preassure in my mouth and teeth while I sleep and when I wake up.

I have no coffee, just a green tea in the morning.

Any tips about what to do to improve my sleeping and to get rid of stress?


  • Bedtime Yogi Tea

    Magnesium Natural Calm

    Passion Flower Extract

    Valerian Root

    Coffee Cruda by Boiron

  • Thank you! What tips from the book would you recommend? Honey, collagen, etc... Is there like a Shake from that?
  • Not a shake... just relaxing tea with some "extras" it all dissolves in the tea

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    Bedtime Yogi Tea

    Magnesium Natural Calm

    Passion Flower Extract

    Valerian Root

    Coffee Cruda by Boiron


    I've used all of the above with some success but keep in mind if you are having sleep issues due to hormonal imbalance then supplements will be akin to using a broom in a dust storm (ineffective).

    Can you elaborate on the mouth and teeth pressure symptoms? Sounds like they might be neurological in nature.

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  • This sounds too simple but sleeping in complete darkness(or as dark as you can get it) makes a huge difference for me. Also NO computers, phones, laptops, anything like that in the bedroom.

  • Have you tried acupuncture and Chinese Medicine? It helped my sleep a lot. Also daily meditation does wonders.

  • I agree with previous comments sometimes simple methods are the best. Drinking warm milk or herbal tea (as an option try it with honey and/or lemon), reading something positive before bed (it will raise your mood and you're more likely to sleep well if you go to bed not stressed), listening to calming music (with or without lyrics, it's up to you). If none of the "homemade" classical methods help, I believe it would be best to go to the doctor.

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