Caffeine & Vitamin/Supplement abosrption

I take the BP activated charcoal every morning along with some other vitamins (C, for example), but will drink bulletproof coffee minutes later. The caffeine in the coffee hastens the movement of food through the body and, I suspect, reduce absorption of any vitamins, supplements etc. Any thoughts? Has Dave written on this subject?


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    The charcoal will decrease absorption of other vitamins and supplements. You should try and take charcoal at least 30 minutes away from supplements that you care about. I try to take it 2 hours away from food or supplement (except for emergencies, like if I get food poisoning or have an acute need).

    Caffeine will also decrease absorption of vitamins due to a diuretic effect.

  • @jcg3 said:
    Caffeine will also decrease absorption of vitamins due to a diuretic effect.

    Bp coffee has butter and brain octane in it though. Those fats, especially broken up from blending should enhance the absorption.
    It is even recommended to blend certain stuff into your coffee.
    What do you think?

    But yes, it is said that you shouldn't take vitamins too close to charcoal.
    I have heard differing times though.
    From everything between half an hour and three hours.

    You might also not need to take it every day.

    Probably taking it sometimes is enough where you can skip or delay your morning supplementation.

    Happy detoxing!

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    Fats in BP coffee will help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Things like vitamin A, D, curcumin, aniracetam, etc. It won't really do anything for absorption of water-soluble vitamins.

    I don't like to blend stuff into my coffee that will make it taste bad (aniracetam). Likewise, I don't want to break open a gel capsule (vitamin A or D) to try and put the contents in something to drink - why not just swallow the capsule? I've tried mixing turmeric (the spice that curcumin comes from) in my coffee and didn't enjoy the taste.

    If you want to mix some vitamin C in with your coffee - go for it. I'm not sure it will taste great, but who knows maybe it will.

    Charcoal will adsorb things at various rates over time. It will adsorb the most right after you take it (e.g., 90%), two hours later it will adsorb much less (e.g., 20%), and by four hours it may not adsorb anything at all (e.g., 1%).

    The general guideline is to wait 2 hours - that seems to be relatively safe, though may not be enough for a critical medication like synthroid or prescription meds. That doesn't mean taking something 30 minutes after charcoal won't work - it's just higher up on the % scale.

    You could always experiment with it - find something that gives you a very predictable reaction... maybe caffeine (alertness), niacin (niacin flushing), 5-htp (sleepiness) - take it 4+ hours away from charcoal, note how you feel. Go a few days without taking that same supplement, then take it the same time as charcoal (try to keep other variables constant), note how you feel. Most likely you will have less effect when taken with charcoal.

  • As the previous posters mentioned you should play with the timing of the supplement. One thing you can do is to have the charcoal next to you when you wake up and take it first thing in the morning. The as you prepare the rest of your routine in the morning that should take at least 30 mins; i.e. prep coffee, shower, etc...

    on a side note; why do you take the Act Charcoal in the morning?

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