Morning CrossFit workouts - BPC or no BPC?

hi all, i just started bpc and intermittent fasting however I'm not sure how to incorporate this in to my days when I do crossfit in the mornings about 3x/week. My normal routine is to take a pre-workout with some dextrose, then post workout take in carbs and protein. I'm wondering if I should keep this routine for my morning workout days and only intermittent fast on my off days or when I workout in the afternoons. Main concern is if I fast on morning workout days I'm not refueling and will lose gains. I do have collagen protein but no carb consumption post workout is concerning. I potentially could do bpc + collagen protein pre-workout which would be a good fat+protein combo for crossfit, then post workout take in carbs/protein but this obv is not intermittent fasting.

If anyone has thoughts on how this would work best please chime in. thanks


  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    Optimal is to only fast on non training days, what you were doing previously is optimal for crossfit (pre/post carbs and protein with no fat). For me, I do a pre/post before my am and pm sessions (I do 2 sessions/day), I will have a bp coffee about an hour or so after the post meal for no reason other than I like it.

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