bulletproof cocoa recipe that is dairy free?

I love making bulletproof cocoa with raw dairy...however, need to give it up for a time. Anyone got a good substitute recipe for that is non-dairy - and that will actually froth?



  • @pizzabagel posted this recipe a few years ago, I enjoy it

    Per 8oz of water
    2tbl collagen
    1tbl cocoa
    1tbl raw honey
    1-2tbl butter
    1-2tbl mct oil
    Blend like BPC

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  • @dancerlady Have you tried full fat coconut milk as a replacement for the raw dairy in your cocoa recipe?

  • I'm experimenting with

    Matcha Green Tea (I don't use coffee but use that of course)
    15grams BPC Cacoa butter (you can buy this)
    1-2 tbps mct oil

    You can add a tbs of coconut oil but I think there's already enough fats in there.
    Add some non-dairy milk for some extra creamyness

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