Adrenal Fatigue And Exercise

I just finished grad school and had to really stretch mentally and physically to get everything done. As a result my body crashed after it was done. My body is showing signs of adrenal fatigue. I am doing everything I can to get healed including optimal sleep, diet and trying to get back to a more stable schedule. Anyway I want to get back into exercising but am not sure when is a healthy time to rengage since my body is still healing? Like what is a good sign that I can start again? Or are there at least some moderate things I can do? Thanks.


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    I would imagine that light-moderate exercise would be beneficial in almost all scenarios except extreme cases.

  • Thanks. That helps. Anyone know of any signs to look for that indicate adrenals are healthy again? I would imaging that feeling well rested upon waking in the morning is probably the best one. I also heard from one of Dave's podcasts that you can do an adrenal test by going into a dark room, look in a mirror and shine a flash light in your eyes at a 45 degree angle. If your pupals won't dialate in the first 10-15 secs then they are healthy. If they dialate right away then its a sign of poor adrenal health. Haven't tried yet but sounded intruging.

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    I have heard conflicting things about all of the at-home tests. Like the rest of your health, I imagine that adrenal health is a practice rather than a destination.

  • It sounds like you've guessed that you have 'adrenal fatigue'. You should either see a functional doc specialized in it or get yourself checked with a Biohealth 401h from directlabs.

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    Here's an article I wrote on Adrenal Fatigue that may help you.


    The 401H test from Biohealth is a stool test. That won't help for this issue.


    I would run a 201 or even better is the 205 test so that you can get more clinical information. A good gauge I use for my clients is how they feel right after they exercise, how they feel 15-45 minutes after exercise and how they feel the next day.


    If they feel good right after, but crash and burn within an hour or two after the workout, they have pushed it too hard. My clients who have a history of crossfit are in stage 3 adrenal fatigue 95% of the time I run labs on them. So my advice would be NOT to do that type of exercise right now.


    I'd start with some simple kettlebell workouts, free weights such as dumbbell bench press, pushups, pullups, seated rows and dips, leg press, etc. Go for a walk in the woods if you have access.

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  • I am experiencing adrenal fatigue right now and the best thing seems to be just walking in nature. Like a park or anywhere with a lot of trees. I live relatively close to a beach so I walk barefoot on sand, that helps.

  • Dear Bulletproof Community,

    this is my very first post after quite some weeks of reading through various posts. I am a novice to bulletproof, but my physicist is an experienced BP practitioner and helped me with a Quickstart.

    I am 28 years old and suffering from Adrenal Fatigue at the moment, mostly due to stress and wrong nutrition. I did a lot of blood tests and stress profile tests (7 per day), results are expected to come within the next couple of days.

    I am wondering, if someone is willing and able to help me with some guidance on "how to repair" my adrenals. I stopped coffee last week and drank my Brain Octane + Butter with BP Chocolate Powder and Water. Still I am IF I guess.

    What should be the "corner stones" of supplements & diet that I should follow?

    Thanks for helping me with this!

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    The state you are in also matters. Initially cortisol is high and then low, and the more advanced state you're in the less you should exhaust yourself. Also, when cortisol is high, supplements like phosphatidylserine can be helpful because it reduces it (not sure how much it helps with the root cause though, could just help with this single symptom) , but in later stages licorice is useful because it extends the half-life of the little cortisol you still have, as well as adrenal cortex supps. What helps a lot in both cases is regular carb intake (mornings, after workouts and evenings are the most important because carbs reduce the need for cortisol secretion) and no fasting. And also not allowing yourself to stress that much over things. Very hard to do, I experienced that my stress tolerance is reduced so much.

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  • @l1onk3y Himalaya salt in water and some apple vinegar can help in the morning.

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