Supps For Grey Hair?



  • I have heard that the shilajit benefits hair color. It is an adaptogen that provides energy and increases the output of other supplements. Look it up on or superman
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    Am I the only one who thinks grey/greying hair looks good, especially on a guy? Like, I have a few greys here and there, but when the color fully starts to go, I don't intend to do anything about it. I don't feel that grey hair necessarily detracts from someone's attractiveness, and can even make people look distinguished, in a way.


    *shrug* Just rock the grey with pride or shave your head. I don't personally see what the fuss is. Could be that I'm in the minority, though.

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  • Grow and juice wheatgrass

  • Where you able to find out which of the supplement really did the work for you ?

    @PARKER said:
    I was quite grey a few years ago and recovered most of my natural color through thyroid supplementation and proper diet.  I'm also using digestive enzymes quite extensively.  Aside from that, I'm supplementing with various herbs (mostly bitters), B12, D3, Mag/Potassium, Vitamin C, zeolite, turmeric and glutathione force.  One serving of Gelatin and Whey daily as well.

  • I'm going to resurrect this old thread because I think you can reverse a lot of the greying you may have. It's about having enough catalase to break down the hydrogen peroxide that's bleaching the hair.

    Like ChrisMaher said, wheatgrass is a solution. Does wonders for my hair.

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