What's best for memory. Had options, now confused.

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The time come to take my exams. With majority of them I have no problem, but there's few, that Im afraid, well sort of.

For them I need to memorise a lot of information. So I decided to buy some drugs to help my brain and memory.

First I thought about Neurozan, but then nootrops came in my way, while I was searching whats best.

Yesterday I was asured that I will buy Noopept, but today I did a little bit more research and changed my mind.

Noopept. I found out that some of the people report desired effect, short memory loss(reverse effect from what you should get) and that noopept works quite different on each individual.

So now I am thinking about Pramiracetam or Alpha-GPC or Oxiracetam. As for first time I want to try this thing, so I would buy one of these, wont do stacks.

So now what I need from nootrops is to memorise information faster and last longer :)
Which one of these Pramiracetam or Alpha-GPC or Oxiracetam would You recommend, or maybe these are outdated, and You now something better than these?

I would be really really grateful for Your help :).


  • Have you tried anything in the past? Like ginkgo, vinpocetine, huperzine?

  • A lot of people like to frown on Alpha Brain, but it seems safe enough with benefits involving "memory. focus, and processing speed" according to their site. It's a risk-free trial too.

    It is what it is.

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    I find with a lot of these supplements, I can feel a boost the first few times I take it, then it quickly becomes ineffective or counter-productive. I attribute the first boost to placebo / novelty / optimism, then the latter effects to some kind of over-production or unbalancing of some neurotransmitters. It's a delicate thing to pull off effectively for a length of time. A proper cycle might be paramount to keeping things in the green.

    I found N-Acetyl-Semax-Amidate pretty cool for a while (but pretty sketchy by the lack of research and the shot of neuro-active peptides up the nostrils.) Uridine Monophosphate was also interesting for a while. Aside from that, I liked the Coffee stack from Kimera and Rhodiola.

    Thinking back, the most noticeable memory-enhancing effects I've come across have ultimately been the result of time dedicated to practicing the task-specific art of memorization itself, rather than the supplement stack at the time.

  • A good place to start is the memory category on Examine: https://examine.com/topics/memory/

    Toward the bottom, you'll see a list of evidence-backed nootropics that enhance memory.

    Here are some things on the list:

    • Bacopa
    • CDP-Choline
    • Modafinil


  • lion's mane is strengthen the nerves between the neurons. So you have faster and more stable access to memories :)

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