My Lighthacking Protocols So Far...

I thought id share my own experience with light hacking as ive deffinetly got benefits from it.


1. Infrared


After hearing daves 2nd discussion with steve folkes found here: 

 I got interested in experimenting with IR Heat lamp lights AKA Chicken brooders. I purchased two 250 watt 120 volt red heat lamps and several clamp lights from the hardware store. I hooked them up in my room and began to shine them on myself for 10 mins upon waking and before bed. I did notice a difference in my ability to fall asleep and energy in the morning. I then came across the work of Doctor L Wilson he wrote a book on Near infrared sauna therapy using these same lights. Heres a link to an article of his explaning his protocol and benefits :


I purchased a sauna tent and several more lights and clamp lights and set it up in the corner of my room. Im using it to detox daily and to help with adrenal fatigue along with doctor wilsons protocol. After using it daily for a month i noticed huge progress in my condition. The biggest benefit for me so far is its ability to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. I already was using meditating/breathing exercises and i have used heart math in the past but those were nothing compared to lying down after a sauna session. The ability to do this at home at my convenience is so worth the purchase. Its also very convenient as a detox method because it only takes 10-15 minutes to heat up and it doesnt need to get super hot to make you sweat. the IR is heating you from the inside out so you can do fine at 105F, which is much less than with a conventional sauna. I deffinetly noticed an increase in energy in the morning im assuming do to enhanced mitochondrial function.Waking up and going to sleep has improved and my ability to switch my sleep schedule around is alot easier. I personally like to do a sauna right before bed it is garaunteed to kill any insomnia its so relaxing after your done. The other big benefit to the Near infrared is less exposure to EMF as well it doesnt cost alot to run these lights compared to a conventunal unit. You could also DIY your own which is nice.


Heres the tent i purchased they also sell full  near infrared sauna kits.

It might seem a little pricey but having the convenience of having it in my bedroom was well worth it.

I also would recomend Sauna space as well. they make a really high qaulity product i just didnt have the extra money or i would have gone with them.


By using the IR lights morning and night you are simulating the the sun at dawn and dusk which I think has hormonal impacts. obviously if you live in the right climate and dont mind getting naked outside, the sun is your best option. My next purchase is going to be a uvb Lamp to add in the UV component of the sun. I live in canada so  I dont get acces to the sun year round.


Ive also been intrigued by Daves discusion with Dr pollack ( and how this ties in with the infrared. My thought is that If you want to use EZ water I  think the easiest way is to absorb IR into the water already in your body. No?


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