ultimate brain hacking: MEDITATION - but which one?

any people who are meditating ?

I think everybody by now knows ho beneficial and great and good and useful and helpful and healing meditation can be.

problem is I still havent found out this 'special type of meditation' that actually can be learned by most people in western world. there are so many.

but the thing with meditation is plain and simply: to slow down the huge speed rate of thinking, or overthinking as so many people have in the world. I even discovered when people 'go crazy' or 'delirium' or going insanse: its just simply that their thinking, excessive overthinking just went wrong. too much.

like an engine that worked too much: too hot, explosion.

I have tried to meditate with an MANTRA, as they say in India, but really: got bored and didnt work out after some time.


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