Butter or Ghee cause upset stomach

Seems like BPC gives me severe cases of upset stomach, this appear randomly but seems to be caused by the butter or the ghee.
I have tried coffee alone and i feel fine and i have tried this morning coffee with grass-fed ghee only (no Brain Octane) and started having an upset stomach within 10 minutes.

This is a bummer since i really enjoy how it keeps cravings at bay plus the clear energy i feel.

I have tried some supplement but it doesn't fix the issue:
Betaine HCL: https://www.ergomaxsupplements.com/doctors-best-betain-hcl-pepsin-gentian-bitters-120-capsules
Digestive Enzymes: http://www.solgaronline.co.uk/solgar-digestive-enzymes-100-tablets.html

Any recommendations?


  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    Well, I don't know what exactly upset stomach means but you have a dairy problem and you should stop consuming it. Not in coffee, not on bread, not in food etc. Go with coconut oil or milk... it's rare but happens sometimes.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

    How much to eat:
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  • ThomasC.ThomasC.
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    Symptoms are: mostly abdominal discomfort (cramp like feeling) and a lot (really a lot) of belching, i can get nauseous too but never threw up yet, stools are OK.
    I used to have BPC with lots of butter ( 2 to 3 tbsp) or ghee and felt great, it is still random and have increased lately.

    I get the cramp sensation also right before bed when i take a tbsp of Brain Octane

    If i avoid butter/ghee in my BPC, how can i follow Intermittent fasting? I'll starve much faster

  • I was experiencing upset stomach after drinking my BPC every morning but though I would eventually adjust. I didn't. I'm assuming my body was having trouble digesting all of that healthy fat first thing in the morning. I decided to add a half scoop of protein powder to the mix. Problem solved.

  • i'll give it a try thanks!

  • Hey! I seem to be having the same sort of issues. The first couple of days doing BPIF I felt amazing. My ratio is 2tbsp of butter and about 1 of brain octane. Some days I feel great, one day I felt like I was dying (definitely not bulletproof) and some days I feel sick for about 20-30 minutes. I can never assume how I'll feel but I'm getting tired of feeling nasty. I am trying to stay in the fasted state so I would prefer to avoid the protein. Im going to play around with the ratio of butter because I dont think its the brain octane thats causing me a problem as I put it on everything throughout the day. My question is what would happen if I used pure coconut butter instead? What is the difference comparatively to the benefits of grass fed butter and 100% organic coconut butter??

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