Quit Coffee and Alcohol and Feel Great

over the past year I have been experimenting with different feedback technologies (had limited success with Muse last year for example) and was able to finally quit coffee by quitting alcohol.

I tried quitting coffee last year and was unsuccessful.. I was having withdrawal symptoms.. headaches, anxiety, irritability. Coffee had become a big part of my life. I could not wake up and function without a cup in the morning and throughout the day.

a couple months ago I was in the market and about to purchase bottles of wine when I realized that I had not had alcohol for over a month and I felt great.. and I decided to save the $60 and not buy it. after thinking about it I tried again to quit coffee and it was easy the second time. No headaches, no irritability nothing. I think quitting alcohol was the key to quitting coffee. It all works synergistically for me. Sorry starbucks:)

I have been focusing on peak mental performance and meditation this year and for me quitting alcohol and coffee have really helped clear my mind and given me a huge edge. I still go out and socialize with folks at bars but now I get "wasted" on club soda on the rocks:) I go home and feel great.. completely clear headed and able to meditate before I go to sleep.

For me the biggest and most successful "biohacks" have been removing stimulants (coffee) and neurotoxins and depressants (alcohol) from my life. Try it.


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    thanks.. green tea is probably not as stimulating as coffee but right now I want to keep my mind free of stimulants. and depressants.

    the thing that has helped me to achieve the optimal meditation states besides quitting coffee and alcohol is coherence HRV training

    after some experimentation I have found that this protocol works for me to achieve the highest states of HRV coherence

    5 breaths per minute
    use diaphragmatic breathing
    slow inspiration to create slight air hunger to promote parasympathetic activation signified by salivation and warmth in hands and feet.
    positive affirmations including positive imagery

    I love experimenting with biohacking regimens.

  • I have been experimenting with decaf lately, 4-5 days a week. I found, like @spinnaker , that my ability to meditate is heightened when I don't consume caffeine. I expected a subtle difference but it's not at all subtle. Errant thoughts don't come as often when I drink decaf, and that allows me to get deeper into whatever meditation type I'm practicing.

    I think this is one of those things that may vary greatly between individuals. I tend to be slightly anxious, but maybe for someone who tends to be slightly lethargic caffeine could actually help with meditation.

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