TIMING thread: foods, supplements - WHEN to take them and in combination with what?

Hello, Bulletproof Beauties!

Let's discuss something not often discussed: the optimal timing for things.

We all take our handfulls of stuff like vit. D, K, fish oil, iodine, whatever -- what is a good resource (or let's make this thread one) for understanding the way our bodies absorb nutrients and timing our supplements appropriately?

For example, I know vitamin C and vitamin D should not be taken at the same time, as they clash with each other and we miss the benefits. What do you guys know about, for example, iodine? Morning or night? With or without other vitamins? Vit. B supplements?

Please post what you know, and let's discuss.

Be well out there!


  • I do not know enough and am also really interested because you hear a lot about it without being too specific.

    Besides that I am a huge fan of FIRST getting a complete bloodwork and never to "just" take recommended things but rather be specific about what you want to heighten in your blood and why and then retest.

    One thing I was thinking about lately was to design a monthly cylce to avoid absorption 'clashes':

    "B Vitamin week"
    and always for example have 1 week per month where we take nothing artificially to not let the body forget how to get things out of the food we eat of sorts..

    I mean, at the end we have 'stores' for everything in the body, right?

    So it's about filling up the stores and I doubt that the vitamin x,y,z that we take in the morning will have a significant impact on the performance/feeling ON THAT DAY
    (aside from mb Vitamin C/Glutathion-replenishing things.../and /or i.v. stuff)

    For example Vitamin D doesn't matter if you take it once per month or daily...

    So I take 1 Pill of 20k IU once per week - therefore I have reduced the likelyhood of interaction with something else.

  • Interesting approach! I find myself doing that naturally, (cycling weekly or monthly,) but I've not put it into a regimented practice. I'd like Dave to address this in the podcast -- OR, for those in the know, to congregate into this thread and share. :smiley:

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    When I took vit D it was always with vit K and in the morning. Taking nascent iodine now(sporadically) I try to not take it past late afternoon, apparently it can be stimulating. When I take vit C I try to have it be close to a meal that includes red meat for iron absorption.... though idk if theres a difference with that in regards to heme and non heme iron sources.

    Edit) yup checked, vit c enhances absorption of nonheme iron so taking it with meat did nada. Lol. Well now I know.

  • ^ Thank you!

  • No vitamin c until a couple of hours after your workout. Take fat soluble substances preferably with fats; I also avoid taking high amounts of magnesium and calcium (often bound to your vitamin powders) during my drug cereal in the morning.

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