Plaque in Arteries after 6mos BP

I've been doing BP for 1.5 years (40yr WF) and my husband just started about 9 months ago (52yr WM). He had Stage 4 cancer 3 years ago but made a miraculous come back. He started BP coffee, has chicken salads every day at lunch, and we eat a BP or Paleo dinner every night. On his most recent cancer scan, it was noted that he has thickening of a heart artery which he's never had before. He feels this is because of the doing the BP coffee.

Each morning he has the coffee + 1TBSP Butter + 1TBSP BO + 1scoop Collagelatin + 1-2 eggs.

Help! He's convinced this is the cause of his latest condition, however heart disease/stroke/attacks run in his family and so does high cholesterol.

I don't believe this is his problem - any advise?


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    First I doubt that a tbsp of butter per day will make your artery explode. However eating a lot of fat + lots of protein while eating a standard paleo dinner may be keeping him out of fat burning mode. It may be that he is having a caloric surplus he does not need...

    I for example don't do any fat or extra calories anymore with my coffee cause I don't need the calories or extra fat to feel good.... Therefore I need some extra tryptophan and I put a lot of cacao (not the sugary stuff) into my coffee for brain boosting effect. Therefore I eat some real eggs with spinach...

    It sounds like he is consuming a lot of protein. If he does not ketosis I would recommend 1plate dark leafy greens like kale, spinach etc, 1 plate of grey sulfur rich veggies and a third plate of colorful foods.....and protein on the side. Most people confuse paler with lots of protein.... but it is actually lots of veggies and some protein on the side.

    Also make sure his microbiome is fixed....

    These are just some general ideas

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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  • You should definitely STOP drinking this crap. There is no scientific evidence or proof ANYWHERE that this works. You don't need to add anything extra to feel better, but you might need to take some harmful things out. Butter is extremely rich in cholesterol. Consider seeing a nutrition expert that will help you devise a diet that works permanently. Nothing that's a quick fix is good in the long term. If you don't want to see a nutritionist, look up daily intake amounts from credible websites.

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    Isn't it hilarious that there is more endogenous cholesterol produced to make bile to digest the butter you eat than the 30mg of cholesterol in a tablespoon of butter?

  • Is he using grass-fed butter or regular butter?

  • My WellnessFX Dr. said I'm better with a Mediterranean diet. Not good for everyone he said.

  • Increased plaque in heart arteries is always concerning. However a diet high in medium chain fatty acids like the one it sounds like your husband is on will not cause that increased plaque on the heart walls. Plaque 9 times out 10 will be oxidized low density lipids, removing oxidizing fats is incredibly important. Cooking at lower temperatures is a great way to accomplish this. When making the coffee provide some time for the coffee to cool as boiling water will also oxidize the fats and cause more harm than good. I would also start an omega 3 supplement to assist with inflammation that oxidized fats and other toxins in our environment can cause. When he has eggs make sure they are from a local natural sourced diet. The poultry industry has been trying to sell eggs on the basis that omega 6 fats are actually healthy when they are quiet inflammatory in nature and for most animals the result from stress and poor diet. Natural egg sources will has very low omega 6 and high omega 3. Krill supplement will probably be a good start. Avoid any processed oils if possible, which is understand is hard. Cold pressed virgin oils are a friend. This plaque can also be caused by other inflammatory issues that can stress the body with fight or flight hormones which increased blood pressure and heart rate putting more stress on the heart itself to perform. If you are having chicken salad make sure the skin is off, highest source of cholesterol that we love because it crisp up really well however that crisping is oxidation and inflammation follows. Bounce around with small changes weekly and see how he feels. all the best

  • I have read several categories on this website. What astounds me are the number of health issues raised where submitters are asking for feedback from other posters rather than asking a physician. Why would anyone do this? Don't you take your health seriously? Do you do any research into the claims of any "practitioner" or the practitioner's products before following a specific vitamin/diet plan?

    A doctor in our family has said they have found links between drinking unfiltered coffee (espresso, French press, percolated) with heart attack: unfiltered coffee increases homocysteine level in blood and higher homocysteine levels have direct link to a higher incidence of death after a heart attack. While certain vitamins, diet and exercise can reduce homocysteine levels, he still tells his patients to drink filtered coffee if they drink it at all. There are also studies which show an increase in LDL cholesterol in patients who drink coffee, any type of brew. Even so, smoking, high blood pressure or being overweight have a greater affect on cholesterol. Still, you need to consider the whole picture when evaluating health and what may contribute to a problem. Use your judgment when following any vitamin/diet regimen, have routine blood tests done and address health concerns with your physician who has the training and expertise to handle them.

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