3 weeks on bulletproof.... a lot of energy but not seeing more results

I'm really enjoying the diet but I'm not losing anymore weight on the scale. I feel great w the bulletproof coffee in the morning and I've been adding the collagen protein, brain octane, grass fed butter or ghee. I don't have anything else to eat until 2pm to 8 pm. I lost about 5 lbs the first week and I'm stagnant at 166 lbs. Im about 5'7. I do CrossFit at least 4 times a week. Any suggestions? Thanks for your input!


  • Same here... there are some really great articles and podcasts on healthfulpursuit.com. All geared towards women and bp and keto life. Join the Facebook group too.

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    Three weeks is way too short to say anything. Focus on improving your lifestyle, don't focus on the scale. Long-term results are what counts.

  • Hello everyone,

    I have ups and lows in energy, even if the ups aren't that energetic, it is still better than it was. i have completed my second week and am still trying to find recipes to make it all work. What do you, Walter, Izzylu and Leaunaturel cook and prepare for yourselves?

    Thanks ever so much,

  • I would eliminate the protein in your coffee, otherwise you are breaking your fast sooner than you intend. If you are fasting until 2pm then only have fat in your coffee until then. You can only have fats while you are fasting. I did that for 6 weeks and lost 27 pounds. I hope that will help you! :)

  • Hi! I'm in the same boat! Loving the new life style and feeling great but the scale is stuck!!! I lost 10 lbs the 1st 2 weeks but nothing since then. I started adding the protein to the morning coffee as suggested for women over 40! Shel wondering if I should follow your lead and drop the protein because I started using it on week 3 and that is when I stopped losing weight! Thinking about doing the rapid weight loss! Any thoughts or suggestions….Help! :)

  • I think I'll be at that point too very soon.. I lost a few kg very quickly in the first week and then it stopped abruptly.. Im feeling better yes, but the whole point on doing this is to loose weight... oh boy.. I've tried everything!!! I did the protein diet, the low carbs, weight watchers.. always combining it with crossfit.. H E L P ahahahhahahahah

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but when y'all say 'lose weight' I'm taking it to mean 'decrease body fat and increase muscle, regardless of the numbers on a scale'. If you work on building muscle, and eat accordingly--you need to eat a lot--the fat will start shedding off itself. And no you won't look like a bodybuilder.

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    Hi Shel - that's fantastic! How was the rest of your diet? Would love to follow your regimen in hopes of getting same/close results to yours. Oh and did you incorporate some exercising?

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